Surefire Ways to Go Longer between Washes and Still Have Fabulous Hair ...


Surefire Ways to Go Longer between Washes and Still Have Fabulous Hair ...
Surefire Ways to Go Longer between Washes and Still Have Fabulous Hair ...

I keep seeing lots of articles about how to go longer between hair washes. We’re hearing more and more how we shouldn’t wash our hair every day - mainly because chemicals are stripping our tresses of their natural oils, which keep the cuticles sleek and shiny. It’s difficult to conceive having no poo days if you feel you HAVE to wash your hair every day. I think it’s very much a case of trying it because everyone’s hair is different. And if you want to test it out, you’ll find that these ways to go longer between hair washes provide much needed advice.

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Wash Your Hair Properly

It may not look like an art, but many women don’t know how to wash their hair properly. Have you noticed how your hair looks shinier, healthier, and cleaner after a visit to the salon? Professionals don't make common mistakes like us mere mortals and you could be guilty of all sorts of washing faux pas. Full instructions for how to wash your hair right here: Are You Washing Your Hair Right?


Avoid Shampooing Every Day

Over-washing your hair will cause several problems. You strip your hair of its natural oils and nutrients – it may also lead to brittle strands, hair breakage, and dry scalp. If you feel you can’t style dry hair, use clean water and just rinse. No shampoo.


Use Your Hair Products Sensibly

One of the crucial things for how to go longer between washes is knowing how and when to use your hair products. Applying more of something isn't always good. Don't automatically assume that because a pea-sized amount of straightening balm helps keep your hair straight for a day, an apple-sized amount is enough to keep you going for a week. You need to proceed sensibly and ensure that you're not using greasy hair serum if your goal is to prolong a hair wash. Similarly, you should use volumizing mousses, straightening balms, and curl-defining sprays sparingly – don't apply them too close to your scalp either.


Don't Keep Touching Your Hair

Although it's more an instinctive behavior for many women, you should try your best not to touch your hair much during the day (I used to be a twirler – always wrapping a strand around my fingers). Don't run your fingers through your hair often – you should also avoid tucking and un-tucking your hair from behind your ears. Doing this will make your hair greasier and it will require a wash.


Buy a Shower Cap

You may think it's not necessary, but it’s important. Wearing a cap on no-shampoo days will keep your hair dry and help keep your hair from retaining unwanted moisture. This will also keep your hair from looking gross and make you go longer between hair washes.

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Use a Dry Shampoo and Blow Dry Carefully

Instead of using volumizing mousse, use a dry shampoo that adds texture to your hair and remove excess grease with ease. There are so many brands and varieties, you’re sure to find one that makes your hair look great. One great way to go longer between hair washes is to apply dry shampoo to your hair and then spray some water onto your hairline. Now blow dry your hair, working away from your face using a soft, round brush. This will give your hair a stylized look.


Don’t Forego the Styling

Just because you aren’t washing your hair doesn’t mean you “let it go.” Style as usual. Use some of the tips above and you can still curl or straighten as you like. Dry shampoo and a ponytail are always a great fall back for second or third day hair.

I stopped washing my hair every day about 15 months ago – it has never looked or felt better. Sometimes I push it to see how long I can actually take it – as I work from home, if I’m not going anywhere, I can do this and not worry. So far I’ve gone 4 days max. After that I started to feel grubby! I doubt I’d push it longer.

Do you have no-poo days?

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I can only go up to 4 days without washing my hair. I love how sleek the back of my hair become when i wash it not to often but i hate the front coz its too greasy

Jackie there is no need for that. If you have build up, then use a clarifying shampoo, but other than that sticking to one sulfate free shampoo is perfectly fine. Your hair doesn't get "used" to products. You could use the same 2 products your whole life and it'd still work as long as the formula didn't change.

So do I Harriet Kaye

I wash my hair once a week hahaa, it's great

I cant go more than 3 days without washing hair. On third day, my scalp starts itching!

What's the dry shampoo for?

I've got 5 no shampoo days. I absolutely hate washing my hair. I guess it's because my hair takes forever to blow dry and it's just too time consuming. I couldn't live without my shower caps.

The longer the better in between washes. Make sure you have 2-3 different shampoos. Sulfate free, moisturizing, and a clarifying shampoo. Alternate them, if your hair feels really nasty and has a lot of build up on it use a clarifying shampoo. Alternate the moisturizing/sulfate free ones with a hydrating conditioner, every shampoo. Then use a spray on heat protectant detangle r to protect your hair from the heat and put some moisture back into your hair. It's a 10, makes great products. Redken makes a gentle clarifying shampoo.

I wash my hair when I went and if I don't I just use dry shampoo haha

I can only go 2 days max and then I have to wash it be it gets too oily. I have tried several dry shampoos but they don't do much for me

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