Awesome Ways to Prevent Your Hair from Knotting for Girls Sick of Snarls ...


Knotted hair is definitely a problem. It’s hard to manage and it hurts to comb it out. The best thing you can do is to prevent knotting from happening in the first place. By using these simple tweaks, you can have a fabulous looking mane without ever having to worry about another knot. That sounds like something I can get behind all the way. Are you feeling the same? You’re in the right place because I surveyed the experts and gathered the best tips for keeping your hair from getting all knotted up. Here they are!

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Wear Your Hair in a Braid to Keep It in Place

A braid is a fashionable hair trend and is really easy to do. At the same time, it’s perfect for keeping your hair in place so it doesn’t get a chance to knot up. You can go for a classic French braid or the super trendy side braid. However you do it, a braid is sure to save your hair from the knots that are driving you crazy.


Don’t Pile Your Hair on Your Head when You Wash It

Instead of sudsing up, then massaging shampoo into your hair when it’s all piled up, try starting at the top and working your way down. This keeps your hair in its natural flow and prevents knots that you have to comb out when you get out of the shower. Finger comb your locks as you wash to further prevent knotting.


Never Forget to Apply Conditioner after You Wash

Conditioner adds moisture back into your hair and makes it easy to comb through. This helps keep it from knotting up when it’s wet, but also when it dries. Even if you have very short hair, you should be using conditioner on a regular basis. Gently massage it through your hair from top to ends and then rinse to remove, but don’t rinse too much or you’re right back where you started.


Skip the Blow Dryer and Try Air Drying Your Hair Instead

Sure, a blow dryer is much faster than air drying, but it can lead to knotting. When you blow the air through your strands, they can become tangled and knotted up, leaving you with a mess. Heat styling also leads to damaged hair, when is more prone to knotting. Try air drying your hair instead. You’ll love the results.


Use a Wide Toothed Comb when You Style Your Hair

A wide toothed comb does a great job of separating your strands and keeping them from wrapping around each other. You can use one on both wet and dry hair, helping cut back on the number of styling products you keep on hand. If your hair is already knotted, a wide toothed comb easily helps break them up so you can go back to smooth hair in no time.


Wear a Hat or Headband on a Windy Day

If you know it’s going to be gusty outside, beat the wind at its own game by wearing a cute headband or hat. You can go with something temporary that you take off when you get inside or choose something for the whole day that complements your outfit perfectly. Either way, you can’t lose.


Wear Your Hair Pulled up when You Sleep

If you wake up with knotted hair, try wearing it up when you hit the sack. A bun or top knot stays out of your way, but keeps hair from getting all tangled up when you move around. You might also try a braid so you have some great waves when you wake up in the morning.

Do you get knotted hair? What’s your favorite way of dealing with it?

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Chelsea., how u rinse your hair with coconut oil please let me know

That is a great idea @chelsea

@chelsea do u use shampoo afterwards? Or do u just wash it with water?

@nina same the last time I did that was a long time ago when I had to attend a party.

I am gonna do this now for like forever becuz my hair benefits a lot from coconut oil.

Nope! Not for me! I have really thick hair so I think it just soaks it up and it just works well for my hair! I use it to remove make up too. Coconut oil is awesome!

I never blow dry my hair!

I take a generous scoop from the jar(I have long hair) since you're in the shower it will melt into a liquid pretty fast then I just run it through my hair from top to bottom and let it sit for a minute.

I rinse my hair with coconut oil instead of conditioner. Makes it smooth and tangle free.. For the most part.

Would anyone please tell me how, one can easily pull off the tangles?

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