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Your natural hair color might not be your favorite hair color to walk around with. Since you look so pretty with dyed hair, you want the color to stay in for as long as possible. Of course, that doesn't always happen, and there are a few reasons why. If you're worried about your hair color fading away, here are a few different ways to help it stay in longer:

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Dye Your Hair Brown or Black

Dye Your Hair Brown or Black If you know you want to dye your hair, but you can't figure out which color to get, opt for a darker color. Brown and black shades will last longer than lighter shades will, which means you won't have to get your hair touched up as often. So if you hate the act of dying your hair, make sure you get a color that's long lasting.


Wash Your Hair Less

Wash Your Hair Less The more you shower and shampoo, the faster the color will wash out of your hair. That's why you should avoid washing your hair every single day. When you do wash it, make sure to use cold water instead of hot water. You should also use products that are meant for your hair, like color-protecting shampoo and conditioner.


Avoid Chlorine

Avoid Chlorine Chlorine can damage your hair. That's why you should keep your hair out of swimming pools if you want the color to last as long as possible. If swimming is part of your daily routine, then make sure you wear a swim cap. You might feel a little funny wearing it, but it's better to be embarrassed than to have damaged hair.


Avoid Using Hot Tools

Avoid Using Hot Tools If you like your natural hair, then you shouldn't do much to it in the morning. If you're always using a hair straightener, hair curler, or even a blow dryer, then it can damage your hair. It can also prevent your dyed color from lasting. So if you want to do what's best for your hair, embrace your natural look.


Use Chelating Shampoo

Use Chelating Shampoo Before you actually dye your hair, you should use a chelating shampoo to prepare your hair for its new color. Then, after you dye it, you should use a topcoat in order to lock the color in. You should also avoid deep conditioning your hair often, because you don't want it to alter your color.

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Buy a Shower Filter

Buy a Shower Filter Pools aren't the only places with chlorine. Sometimes, the water from your shower will contain a bit of chlorine. That's why you should buy a shower filter that will get rid of the dangerous chemicals that are stripping the color and moisture from your hair.


Get It Done by a Professional

Get It Done by a Professional As tempting as it is to buy a ten dollar box of hair dye instead of paying hundreds of dollars at the hair salon, it's better for you to get your hair dyed by a professional. They color hair for a living, which means that they aren't going to make any mistakes. They know how to make each strand look its best, how long to keep the color in for, and which products to use when you wash it out.

If you follow these tips, your hair color should look fresh and fabulous for a long time. What's your favorite color to dye your hair?

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What brands are chelating shampoos? Or does it say in ingredients?

Chromatics from Redken is awesome, give your hair a 4 dimensional colour, just love it!!

Chelating shampoos are more likely to be called clarifying shampoos. They strip your hair of products& oil that coat your hair. It's good to use one before getting a color to make the color penetrate more and evenly.

go on a sun holiday.. sea water and sun.. works perfectly for me..

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