Smart Tips on How to Avoid Unhealthy Hair ...


Smart  Tips on How to Avoid Unhealthy Hair ...
Smart  Tips on How to Avoid Unhealthy Hair ...

Do you give you hair all the loving care and attention it needs? Hair is a creature who believes in payback. Look after it, treat it well and it will repay you with soft, silky, lustrous locks. There are things you can certainly avoid too, if you don’t want unhealthy hair.

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Don’t Skip Trims

Believe me, don’t do this if you want healthy hair. Having a regular trim every six weeks or so is vital to keeping your ends from splitting, so the longer you leave it between appointments, the much more likely your hair will be of becoming unruly and misshapen. Avoiding regular trims has also been proven to make your hair grow even slower than if you just left it alone, as refreshing the ends actually makes it grow faster.


Don’t over Brush

Brushing your hair is arguably one of the nicest feeling activities there is, especially before you go to bed or just throughout the day whenever you feel like you are getting a bit tangled. But the truth is that brushing too much only serves to encourage your hair to release all of its natural oils which can lead to greasiness far earlier than you would normally expect.


Don’t Wear a Ponytail Every Day

It is probably the most convenient hairstyle if you are on the go or just want your hair out of your face for the day, but wearing a ponytail every single day can be damaging to your hair. The tightness of the hair band can actually damage the hair at the point of tying, therefore weakening it and stopping its growth. A kinder method of getting your hair out of your face would be to use bobby pins or a clip to pull it back instead.


Don’t Wash It Every Day

Though many of us are in the habit of shampooing every day, it actually isn’t good for the hair at all. Having a day off in between washes encourages the hair to absorb the natural oils that they need to look healthy and shiny. Washing every single day can stop these oils from being absorbed and make your hair look rather dried out and dull.


Too Much Hair Dye

Sure, it can be fun to constantly change up the color of your hair, but in actuality it is one of the worst things you can do for its health! Coloring your hair repeatedly can cause more damage than extreme heat, so think twice before you get bored and decide the grab another color to try out. Rock your natural hair for a while and let it re-enervate.


Too Much Conditioner

There is no doubt that conditioner makes your hair feel great when you are washing it, but you need to be careful about using too much. Heaping a whole handful of conditioner on to your hair every time you wash it might do the opposite of cleaning it and actually only make it feel greasier than before.


Too Much Product

You can fill a whole cart with hair products – shampoo, conditioner, rinses, masks, oil treatments, serum, anti-frizz sprays, mousse, gel, hairspray, leave in stuff, dry shampoo and on and on. Yes, you need shampoo and conditioner to keep healthy, you need protection products for heat styling etc but just think how much that weighs down your hair. Firstly, choose the right kind of products for your hair type, use sparingly and give your hair plenty of days off.

What do you think is the worst hair habit you have?

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Great piece of work..

Stupid tips. I have my hair in buns most of the time and my hair was by my ears and now it's past my boobs almost to my belly button and really healthy no heat for 3 years

I liked this. TY

I need to get to grips with looking after my hair.

Thank you for this.

Oh, is there really a way to avoid unhealthy hair? I doubt.

Being a stylist I have to do my hair everyday I work! A lot of thermal appliances on my hair& color. But I use really good products and try and get my hair trimmed regularly

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