How to πŸ“˜ Avoid Damaging πŸ˜– Your Hair when Using a Flat Iron πŸ”₯ ...

For those of us girls with curly hair, a flat iron is a miracle worker when it comes to styling. While I let most of my hair curl, I like to straighten my bangs and the layers right around my face. It just looks more polished. Whether you straighten just a little bit of your hair or all of your strands, it pays to do it correctly. Heat styling can really do a number on your locks, so use these handy tips to keep the damage to a minimum.

1. Only Drag the Flat Iron through Your Hair Once

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Instead of going over the same chunks of hair several times, experts recommend just doing one slow pass over each area of your hair. This limits the amount of heat that can suck the moisture from your strands, while also giving you the straight style you want. Separate your hair into sections and clip them back as you go so that you know which areas have already been straightened and which ones haven’t.

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