Hair Tips That Runners Should Swear by ...

I commend you if you are a runner. I love exercising and staying in shape, but I will do anything before I run. It’s just not my thing for many reasons, one of which is the pain of having to deal with my hair during and after a run. If you are an avid runner, but can’t stand what it does to your hair, I’m here to save the day with some tips straight from runners themselves and reported to Who knows? It might just be enough to get me out on the trail one day soon.

1. Give Your Ponytail Extra Support with Two Elastics

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If your ponytail slides down while you’re running, chances are you need more elastic support. Try using two elastics instead of just one and you’ll be surprised that your ponytail will stay up where it belongs the entire time that you run. Use thick cloth rubberbands so they don’t get snagged on your strands.

2. Use the Right Size of Headband

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For my thin hair, a narrow headband is just fine for holding my hair back. If you have thicker hair, you might need a thicker headband to keep your hair in place and out of your face while you run. Headbands are ideal if you have bangs or layered hair that falls out of the ponytail holder while you run.

3. Go Easy on the Hair Products Right before a Run

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Hairspray or mousse is great for keeping your hair in place once it’s styled, but it’s a recipe for disaster if you’re heading out on a run. As you start to sweat, some of those products can mingle with the sweat and run down into your face, getting into your eyes and causing burning or irritating your skin. Skip the products to save face (and eyes).

4. Spray Your Bobby Pins with Hairspray to Help Them Stay Put

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Do you find your bobby pins sliding out of your hair while you run? Not a good problem to have, right? Try giving them a quick spritz with hairspray just before sliding them into your strands. The spray should help keep the bobby pins where they belong, no matter how many miles you log.

5. If You Must Use Product, Make It Light Hold Hairspray

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My hair needs some spray to stay put, no matter what I’m doing. Experts say that you can get away with light hold hairspray if you need some extra help keeping your flyaways from messing with your run. Look at the product packaging to determine if the spray is light hold or not.

6. Try Braids for Your Run

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Braids are great for running because they do a really good job of keeping your hair in place. A couple of firm braids hold your hair out of your face and are really easy to do. If you prefer, one French braid works just as well. This style also makes it easier to keep your hair from getting sweaty and stuck to your neck while you run.

7. Try a Double Ponytail if You Have Layers

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This style comes from a salon that knows what’s going on. I’m not talking about pigtails either. Put one ponytail toward the top of your head that contains the top layers. Then gather that ponytail with the rest of your hair and do another ponytail near the nape of your neck. This is both stylish and practical, and that’s exactly what you need on a run.

Do you like to run for exercise? What do you do with your hair while you’re pounding the pavement?

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