Hair Tips That Runners Should Swear by ...

I commend you if you are a runner. I love exercising and staying in shape, but I will do anything before I run. It’s just not my thing for many reasons, one of which is the pain of having to deal with my hair during and after a run. If you are an avid runner, but can’t stand what it does to your hair, I’m here to save the day with some tips straight from runners themselves and reported to Who knows? It might just be enough to get me out on the trail one day soon.

1. Give Your Ponytail Extra Support with Two Elastics

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If your ponytail slides down while you’re running, chances are you need more elastic support. Try using two elastics instead of just one and you’ll be surprised that your ponytail will stay up where it belongs the entire time that you run. Use thick cloth rubberbands so they don’t get snagged on your strands.

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