How to Embrace Your Cute Curly Hair ...


How to Embrace Your Cute Curly Hair ...
How to Embrace Your Cute Curly Hair ...

I have naturally curly hair, and while I embrace it now, there were many years when I hated it and spent hours straightening it. When I had kids, I didn’t have time for that anymore so I learned to style my curls and now I love them. Do you hate your curls? You aren’t alone. But, instead of torturing yourself, learn to love them like I did. Here are some easy ideas that can help you along the way.

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Learn to Style Them

Your first step to embracing your curls is to learn how to style them. Unlike straight hair, there are some styles that won’t work that great. On the other hand, there are loads of great looks that will leave you with a head-turning head of curls that you’ll love. Check Pinterest or see a stylist and learn to do flattering ‘dos and you’ll embrace your curls in no time.


You’ll Have so Much More Time

I’ll tell you this: once I quit straightening my hair, I had tons more time. I’m talking hours every week. No more heat styling in the morning and no more blow drying before bed. Curls can be air dried and finger combed and still look fabulous. Who doesn’t want to find more time in the day?


It’s Easier Not to Fight Curls

Sick of burning muscles while you straighten? Give yourself a break and let the curls happen. You’ll love how much easier it is to get your hair ready for the day and your body will thank you when you stop twisting it into unnatural positions to get great hair. Your curls are already great and don’t require as much work.


You Cut down on Damage to Your Curls

Heat styling can really do a number on your hair. It leads to damage and frizz that just doesn’t look that great. Make that a thing of the past by embracing your curls. When you stop using the blow dryer and straightener, you’ll begin to see lush, healthy hair with curls that are so lustrous you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go.


You’ll Love Looking Unique

Not all girls have curly hair and you can stand out in a good way by embracing yours. After all, straight hair is all over the place, but fabulous curls aren’t. Want to get noticed? We all do and your fabulous curls can help you get the attention you deserve.


You Don’t Need a Ton of Accessories

Curls are your accessory. They give you a fantastic look without having to slide on a headband, add some clips or a barrettes to your hair or get highlights and coloring. Curls stand out all on their own. Imagine getting noticed for just letting your hair do what it does. It’s pretty great to finally decide to love what you have!


You’ll Never Have to Worry when It Rains or Snows Again

Here’s what sucks when you spend a ton of time straightening your hair. If it gets wet outside, you’re stuck with frizz and a mess on your head. Once you embrace your curls, you won’t have to worry about a little bit of moisture in the air outside. If that’s not the best reason yet, I don’t know what is.

Do you have curly hair? Are you learning to embrace it?

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Curls are gorgeous embrace it definitely without a doubt!

These are good tips. However, rain does take its toll on naturally curly hair, I would know. It gets frizzy and the curls tend to become undefined. Any tips on preventing this?

Yes, and i love to let them do their own thing. :)

Sorryyyyyyyyy I meant to say shrinked

I spent 45 minutes brushing my hair not long ago.

Curly girl for life!

Sharon, apply natural shampoo and conditioner to your hair. Use sulphate free shampoo and silicone free conditioner. It will do wonders. Always apply oil before washing your hair. Don't comb only use fingers for detangling your hair. Embrace your curls. You'll love it. :)

I have naturally curly hair but just fighting the frizz

I just finally went natural and found out I have curly hair

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