Look Hotter than Ever with These Hair Straightener Hacks ...


Look Hotter than Ever with These Hair Straightener Hacks ...
Look Hotter than Ever with These Hair Straightener Hacks ...

I have curly hair so I fully understand the lure of stick straight locks. I even own a hair straightener that I use from time to time, though with three kids I rarely straighten these days. But when I do, I want it to be fast and perfect every time. Other times I want my hair straightener to do other jobs for me so I have fabulous hair every day. Are you with me? I went to the experts and gathered together these must-have hacks for perfectly gorgeous hair every single time. You’re welcome!

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Get Fab Curls with Your Straightener

hair, clothing, face, hairstyle, long hair, If you’ve never used your hair straightener for anything but getting straight hair, today is the day to try something new. Did you know you can also use it to create curls that everyone will compliment? Simply wrap your hair around the plates of the straightener and hold it in place for several seconds and you can do waves or ringlets with ease.


Create Perfect Beachy Waves

hair, human hair color, blond, human action, image, I love the perfect waves, but it’s not all that often that they happen without a little bit of help. Start by braiding your hair into several braids that contain all the strands on your head. Then run the hot straightener over each braid before removing the elastic and using your fingers to tousle your fantastic waves.


Do a Little Flip at the End of Your Strands

Tommy Hilfiger, hair, clothing, person, hairstyle, If you have a bob or lob, you might get tired of the same old straight look every day. Use your straightener to flip the ends of your hair up a little bit as you run it through from roots to tips. You’ll love the flirty look this creates on your everyday hairstyle. Would you try it?


Get Perfectly Straight Bangs

hair, black hair, clothing, person, woman, I use my straightener every morning to make my bangs smooth and sleek. I hate wonky bangs! Even if you’ve decided to embrace your curls or waves, you probably still want straight bangs, right? Simply run them through the straightener and you easily have the look you crave with very little time or effort.


Seal Your Hair Chalk

hair, face, black hair, nose, blond, Heat is necessary to keep hair chalk looking fabulous and sealing the color in place. Your hair straightener is the perfect thing to get the job done quickly. The color won’t last forever, but the heat will help make the look last just a little bit longer. Once you have the chalk where you want it, simply run over the color with your hair straightener and you can count on a great looking style for many days to come.


Do Perfect Mermaid Waves

hair, clothing, hairstyle, brown, long hair, Your straightener does double duty when it comes to this look. You can use it to create the sleek, straight strands from the roots to nearly the tips. Then, use the tool to lightly curl the ends of your hair by wrapping the ends around the plates and holding the straightener in place for several seconds. Easy, right?


Create Volume at Your Roots

hair, clothing, pink, hairstyle, fashion accessory, Skip straightening your roots and only use the tool to straighten the rest of your hair and you get instant volume. No one will notice a little bend at the crown of your head and straightening the hair there can cause your entire look to fall flat and lifeless.

What do you use your straightener for? Will you try any of these hacks?

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