How Unnaturally Colored Hair Improves Your Life ...


How Unnaturally Colored Hair Improves Your Life ...
How Unnaturally Colored Hair Improves Your Life ...

You can’t have failed to notice how many great hair trends in the last couple of years have involved “unnatural” colors. From palest pink to deepest purple, the rainbow hues we have seen have been glorious. If you are still undecided whether to make the move to make a very bold statement in your hair color, I’ve got some things for you to consider.

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You Attract New Friends

You Attract New Friends One of the reasons to change your hair color is that the cool, quirky nature of the style will make you stand out in the crowd, which can lead to making many new friends on a typical night out when people just have to come up to you and ask you about it! Having crazy colored hair sends a message that you are a fun loving person, and this immediate show of personality will be attractive to people.


Confidence Boost

Confidence Boost You would be surprised just how much better you can start to feel about yourself when you have a bold, unnatural hair color. Sure, it attracts attention, but the majority of this is good attention and the compliments that you receive and conversations that you have will give you a much-needed boost of self-confidence. It takes guts to finally decide to grab the hair dye and go for it, and you’ll be rewarded afterwards with a real elevated well-being.


You Are Easily Spotted

You Are Easily Spotted Have you ever been to a festival or concert with friends and then immediately became separated in the large crowds? Well, with your new crazy hair color you will no longer have to worry about getting lost anymore; you will pretty much always be visible when people are trying to seek you out!


Kids Dig It

Kids Dig It To a young kid, unusually colored or multi-colored hair is pretty much the coolest thing in the world because it signifies two things:, one, that you are able to stand out from the crowd and almost look like a cartoon character, and two, that you must have complete independence to have been able to dye your hair any color that you wanted! Throughout culture, cool hairstyles and colors have always been a symbol associated with ‘cool’ people who younger kids want to be!


It’s Fun to Shock!

It’s Fun to Shock! What good is life if you don’t shake things up a little, huh? You can’t deny that it is kind of fun to walk down the street and have a few people do a double take when they see your hair, as if you are some sort of alien creature from another planet! If you end up being the topic of somebody’s quick conversation on an otherwise ordinary day, then you have affected their life in a tiny way and that is pretty cool!


Tranforms Your Fashion

Tranforms Your Fashion When you have unusually colored hair, you will be surprised just how different your wardrobe becomes. The same old outfits you have been wearing for ages can suddenly look completely different and new when combined with your quirky hair, and you can even start to look at garments that you might not have had the confidence to buy and wear before.


You Can Conquer the World

You Can Conquer the World With all of the above to experience and enjoy, you will pretty much feel like you can conquer the world with your amazing new hair color sitting proudly atop your head! If you have been thinking about changing to more daring color for the new year, then don’t be afraid, go for it!

Are you going to go wild with your hair color this year? What color is on your mind?

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Just dyed my hair purple ! Needed this boost, great post

Well I have blue hair but I wear a hijab so no one can see it in the streets ....but when I work I must take it off. And the kids are , even thoughif they see me everyday, amazed they are like 'I want the same !!'

I have done my hair every colour of the rainbow and right now it's pink. All of these apply (except maybe the whole world thing) but the confidence boost one is extremely true, whenever I go back to a natural colour I feel like something is off because I get so used to feeling bold and out there and well confident

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