I Bet You do These Things after a Haircut ...


A visit to the salon is always such a treat. From the nice head massage you get from the shampooing process to the new cut or style that makes you look and feel good, it's a joy. It's no wonder then that most of us leave the salon practically walking on air. And we can't but help indulge in our experience - outwardly. Here's how the love of a new haircut manifests itself. I bet you can totally relate to this.

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Delayed Decision

Delayed Decision You just have to wonder why you left it so long to change the color / go short/ get a bob. 'Cos, dammit girl you look good,



Reflections You look in every mirror and reflective surface you pass just to admire your new style.



Fingers You can't but help running your fingers through your hair to feel how soft and silky and bouncy it feels



#hair #snipsnipnewhair becomes your selfies' tag for the day. And of course you have to post your new style from various angles.


Social Media

Social Media And of course, you'll update your profile pic and avatar on every social media platform and website.


Catwalk Strut

Catwalk Strut No matter your destination, you walk like a Victoria's Secret Angel, flipping your hair as you go.


The Weather

The Weather Heaven forbid that it dare rain when you leave the salon. You can't run in these heels.



Consuming You can't hold a conversation for 5 minutes before mentioning your hair.


The Flick

The Flick Every 30 seconds or so, you have to flick your hair. You just can't help yourself.



Recommendation Just in case no one has noticed your new do, you tell them of a great stylist/salon you can recommend.



Persistence And just in case they still don't notice, you puncture conversations with phrases like "my stylist told me today ..."



BFF No matter what, you know your BFF is going to gush about how fabulous you look.


No Poo

No Poo You can't bear the thought of washing your hair because you just know you won't be able to style it as well as the salon.

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Heels? Who said anything about heels?

I was confused about that also

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