How to Make the Most of Fine Hair ...


How to Make the Most of Fine Hair ...
How to Make the Most of Fine Hair ...

If you have fine hair you have to deal with all sorts of issues: lack of volume; flyaways; static; curls that won't hold; having to wash every day because grease really shows; insubstantial ponytails; accessories that won't stay in ... I guess you know all this! But there are things you can do to tackle all these and have great fine hair.

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Short Cut

Short Cut This tip pretty much just abides by the universal laws of physics. If you have increasingly fine and thin hair, then you are going to get the most volume and depth out of it if you rock a shorter, more compact hair cut. The less surface area your hair has to cover, the stronger and fuller it is going to look. Any fine hair that has to go further than shoulder length is going to look really weak because it doesn’t have the volume to cover that much area effectively.


Avoid Layers

Avoid Layers Although it has long been the general consensus that if you have thin or fine hair, you should have layers added, more recent opinion actually suggests the complete opposite is really the way to go. Many of the industry’s best stylists believe that your hair looks thickest when it is cut in a solid one-length style, and this doesn’t change just because you have fine strands. If you absolutely must have layers added, then make sure that the style is not too extreme or dating in any way.



Bangs Bangs are back in fashion in a big way, and deciding to add them to your own hairstyle can make a big difference in terms of giving your hair the allusion of having more volume and depth. There are several different kinds of bangs that you can choose from including blunt bangs, sideswept bangs or a classic fringe, but as long as you maintain them they should make your entire haircut look much fuller.



Extensions The advancement in the quality of inexpensive extensions has progressed so much in the last few years that it means not only the rich and famous can have a wonderful looking head of hair that isn’t exactly all their own. If you really do struggle with getting a good enough volume with your natural hair alone, then turn to extensions to give you the added boost that you need. They look great and you can get many different colours and varieties.


Good Shampoo

Good Shampoo A lot of the advertisements and promises surrounding different brands of shampoo can be overwhelming, but it is really important that you find a shampoo that works for you and that you stick with it. Each individual’s hair can react differently to different brands of shampoo, so take some time to test out several brands and find one that makes your hair feel at it’s thickest.


When selecting a shampoo, remember that not all are created equal. If your hair is fine, look for products specifically designed to boost volume and minimize oil build-up. Avoid heavy moisturizing shampoos as they can weigh hair down. Instead, opt for lightweight, volumizing formulas that promote lift and body. Ideally, choose a sulfate-free shampoo to prevent stripping your hair of its natural oils, which is essential for maintaining its health and fullness. Remember, consistency is key—once you find a shampoo that suits you, making it a regular part of your hair care routine can lead to the best results.

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Shampoo Correctly

Shampoo Correctly And once you have settled on your go-to product, you need to make sure that you shampoo correctly! A lot of people with fine hair only apply shampoo to the scalp and roots, leaving it to the conditioner to do the work on the ends that need less shampoo action to help them stay moisturised.


Be Careful with Conditioner

Be Careful with Conditioner Of course, you should use conditioner if you want to, but be careful not to use too much every time. Putting too much conditioner in your hair can weigh it down, and this is definitely something you don't want to happen if your hair is thin, fine or weak to being with.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar is a great thing to use on your hair if you are somebody who uses a lot of hair products on a daily basis. Things like gel, hairspray and mousse can cause a lot of product buildup, and applying some apple cider vinegar to your hair every other week can break down this build up and restore your hair to its more natural, healthy state.


Correct Products

Correct Products It’s essential that you pay attention to the products that you are a buying for your hair. Don’t always just go straight for the reduced items and be happy with whatever you can get. Focus on buying products that emphasize their volumizing and body adding properties; you need all the help that you can get!


Embrace Mousse

Embrace Mousse Even though the sight and smell of hair mousse can take you straight back to the 1990s and the feeling of rock hard hair, you shouldn’t be afraid to go back to it now that you know how to apply it properly! Mousse can be really effective in giving your hair a thicker look.


Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo Fine hair tends to start to look greasy much quicker than thicker hair. For exactly this reason, you should make dry shampoo your new best friend. This product is excellent at putting some life back in to your hair, and it means that you don’t necessarily have to wash it every single day.


Hair Dye

Hair Dye It’s a known fact that hair dye can actually work to boost the volume of your hair in the first few weeks after having it coloured. Many believe this is because the dye affects your hair cuticle, giving it an artificial ‘plumping’.


Brush Type

Brush Type There is a reason why hairbrushes come in so many different styles; they have different effects on your hair. The general consensus for fine hair is that you want a round brush with a mix of nylon and boar bristles, as this combination of two different types of smooth helps to create volume.


Blow Dry

Blow Dry You shouldn’t underestimate just how well a good blow-dry can set and keep your hair in a full, voluptuous style. Of course, the best option is to get it done professionally, but at home it is all about being patient and not giving up when the job is only 75% done.


Hairspray Tip

Hairspray Tip To get some extra lift in your hairline, you should spray a good amount along your crown and work in the spray with your fingers in a massaging top motion. It helps to lift and set the hair in a more full looking way.


Salt Spray

Salt Spray If you’re looking for something different, then you can certainly add some much needed volume to your hair with the help of salt spray. The salt in the solution brings out the natural wave in your hair and can create some pleasing depth.


Make Curls Last

Make Curls Last Make sure that your curls don’t fall out and make your hair look flat and limp half way through a night out by using styling spray and hairspray. You want your curls to stay full and tight, giving you automatic volume from the sheer size and shape.



Rollers If you haven’t used them before, try putting your hair in some rollers to see if the big curls and waves created can stick and help to give you some much needed bounce.



Tease Somebody that has very fine hair should teach themselves to become an expert in the art of teasing. Not teasing people, obviously, teasing hair! Sometimes all you need as the perfect teasing session to add some life in to your limp hair, but don’t go overboard and end up looking like you’ve gone through a bush!



Detangle Super fine hair is prone to tangling, and one hair is tangled it can look like there is even less there. Make sure that you are always on top of your tangle situation, you can even buy combs and brushes than make the process even less painful and time consuming.



Experiment You could try all of the above, some of the above or none of the above and still not see a change you're happy with. So my advice - play, experiment, test things out: look up tutorials on YouTube; try a new braid style; put rags in your hair to create curls overnight ... just have fun.

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