8 Tricks Only Girls with Gorge Hair Know ...


8 Tricks Only Girls with Gorge Hair Know ...
8 Tricks Only Girls with Gorge Hair Know ...

Gorgeous hair should come naturally if you look after it and keep it in a healthy condition, so use these quick and easy tips to get you there quicker!

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Wash Your Hair Twice a Week

Wash Your Hair Twice a Week Washing your hair twice a week helps to prevent breakage, hair loss and precious natural oils from being stripped. This is the danger you face when washing it too frequently, or worse, every day. An added bonus is your favourite shampoo and conditioner will last that much longer before you have to restock!


Use a Serum on the Ends

Use a Serum on the Ends Use a serum and/or leave-in conditioning spray on the ends of your hair when damp for detangling and making it more manageable without weighing it down. It should also keep the moisture locked in and hydrate the ends - which are typically the first place you'll see dryness and damage.


Limit Your Use of Heat Appliances

Limit Your Use of Heat Appliances Limit yourself to only using your hair straightener, curler and blow-dryer once a week at the most. Frequent and regular use of these heat appliances will gradually damage your hair and leave it prone to breakage and split ends, as well as overall reducing the quality. However, when you do use one of these make sure you use a heat protectant spray before you get styling!


Get Regularly Trims

Get Regularly Trims Even if you’re trying to grow your locks, it’s important to pop into your local hairdressers once every couple of weeks to get those pesky split ends chopped off! Unfortunately, they are a sign of unhealthy hair which is why they will do you no favours in the long run if you decide to leave them be.


Opt for Loose Hairstyles

Opt for Loose Hairstyles Hair that's pulled back too tightly can strain the roots, leading to a range of problems like splitting, follicle damage and overall hair weakness. This is especially true if you tend to have the same slicked back, tight hairstyle each and every day. Your solution is to opt for loose hairstyles which will let your hair breathe and won't strain the follicles!


Buy Products for Your Hair Type

Buy Products for Your Hair Type If you don't know what your hair type is, now is the time to get researching! It's quite easy to find out and once you know it will change the way you purchase hair products forever! Buying the right products for your hair type is vital for getting the best results possible and making the most of your money, but the product must be a good match for your hair type in order for this to happen.


Brush Your Hair Twice a Day

You should brush your hair once in the morning and again in the evening to prevent those dreaded knots and tangles. Additionally, regular brushing will increase blood circulation to your scalp and promotes healthy hair growth.


Comb (don't Brush) Wet Hair

Comb (don't Brush) Wet Hair Not surprisingly, your hair is fragile and weak when it’s wet and becomes very prone to breakage and general damage. A hair brush is thought to be too harsh on wet hair, which will make these problems occur at a quicker rate. To avoid this problem, opt for a wide-tooth comb which will be gentle and soft on your wet locks.

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I wanted to say somthing about trimming your hair . Trimming your hair will not make your hair grow longer because your hair grows from the roots trimming it is a way to make sour ahri look better💁

How too do your hiaer?

I use some sort of iron 5-6 days a week. Since I can't master blow drying with the round brush, my irons work wonders.

There is absolutely no way I can only wash my hair twice a week. Are you crazy, woman?!

This is usually applicable for normal hair and scalp. Not for oily scalp like mine. If I wash it only twice a week, my scalp becomes itchy and greasy. I read in an article that if scalp is too oily, washing daily is needed or else bacteria will build up. Although I don't wash it daily, I wash my hair every other day and/or after working out. To prevent my mane from drying, I only shampoo/wash my hair nearest to my scalp, not the tips. When rinsing, the suds work its way to the tips. Then when I use conditioner, I only put it on the tips of my hair and not near my scalp. This is my hairdresser's advice. This works for me. It really depends on your hair and scalp type. 😊

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