How to Tame Your Curly Hair Best YouTube Tutorials Ever ...

By Neecey

How to Tame Your Curly Hair  Best YouTube Tutorials Ever ...

You love your curly hair but oh, some days you hate it. Curly hair can be a bugger to style. And if there’s frizz – well that’s a whole other matter. Need some help taming your curly hair? Videos coming right up.

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1 AndreasChoice

With over three million subscribers, it’s safe to say that Andrea knows a thing or two about curly hair and how to maintain it! Her channel is full of great videos for how to tackle your tricky curls, and this one about homemade remedies for overly frizzy hair has been a lifesaver for many!

2 TheCurlyStace

TheCurlyStace is another channel that produces content from an absolutely guru of everything curly hair related. With nearly 275,000 views, this video about how to get the best looking, frizz-free, neatly defined curls is a godsend to any girl who has too much curly hair to contend with!

Embrace your beauty ladies, and don't shy away from experimenting with your hair. Consider trying short hairstyles that are not only trendy but also unbelievably convenient. They add an edgy look to your personality, are super stylish, and cut down your styling time significantly. Be the trendsetter!

3 SunKissAlba

This gorgeous hair expert doesn’t just keep her secrets to herself: she posts them online for all of us to benefit too! Keeping your curls hydrated can be a real problem in dry conditions, both hot and cold, and this video gives you some great tips for maintaining your style against the environment.

4 Jadah Doll

Just as the name suggests, this YouTuber is so beautiful and so well put together that she could be mistaken for a doll herself! Check out this video, one of her most popular and one that takes you through all the relevant steps to achieving glorious bouncing curls just like hers.

5 Veronica Meza

Not only is this girl a wonderful hair and beauty expert, but she is also an amazing singer too! Head over to her channel for plenty of brilliant hair tutorials involving her curly locks, and you can also be treated to a tune or two with the help of her silky smooth vocals.

6 BiancaReneeToday

The video above is just one of Bianca’s generic curl maintaining videos, but what is so great about her channel is that she deals with a lot of unisex hair issues, meaning that you can watch and gives some tips to your boyfriend if he happens to be rocking some major curls too!

7 NaturallyCurly

The name of the channel says it all, doesn’t it? This channel should be your go-to for the do’s and don’ts of curly hair maintenance, as well as offering some really handy tips and tricks for making DIY products that will make your bouncing girls look better than ever.

8 Beautycrush

Though this isn’t a dedicated curly hair channel, this girl certainly knows what she’s talking about when it comes to style and beauty, and thankfully for the curly haired among us, she rocks curls too and is more than happy to share some of her wisdom with the world!

9 Aveda

If you are looking for a really professional looking channel, Aveda’s videos are definitely the ones for you. The channel takes you through several different tutorials for styles that look great with curly hair. Their suggestions are quick and simple and are really easy to follow from home.

Are you ready to tame and rock those curls?

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You don't have anything with kinky curly hair

I have curly baby hair but when I flat iron it , It curls back up .

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