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If you have black hair, I am totally jealous! Since it’s not as common as brown or blonde, there’s something special about having a lovely black mane. However, just like with any kind of hair, it requires special care to keep it looking its glorious best. If you want to baby your black hair and make it worthy of any shampoo commercial, you need these tips, which I’ve gathered from the experts. Each is easy to add to your routine and is sure to revolutionize your head of black hair.

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Wash Less Often

Because black hair is often kinky and curly, you don’t need to wash it every day. The texture keeps it from becoming too oily, which means that over washing can cause your hair to become brittle and dry. For many girls with black hair, washing just once a week is plenty to keep strands healthy and gorgeous. However, you might need to suds up two or three times if your hair is thinner or straighter.


Consider Air Drying Your Hair

Again, the texture of black hair often means it easily dries out and becomes damaged. By forgoing the blow dryer and letting your hair air dry, you help it preserve some of its moisture so that it looks healthier and is less prone to damage. Plus, air drying curly locks allows them to look their best without much effort on your part. You may need some product, but you will be pleasantly surprised at what air drying can do for your mane.


Use Moisturizing Haircare Products

By choosing shampoos, conditioners and masks that are designed to hydrate your hair, you easily boost the appearance and health of your hair when you wash and treat it. It couldn’t be easier since you wash and condition your hair often anyway. Talk to your stylist about the best hydrating products for your black hair.


Avoid Silicones and Sulfates

Silicones are generally found in products designed to give your hair a nice shine. However, they tend to build up in your strands, causing them to look lank and dull. Unfortunately, sulfates are the prime ingredient for removing silicones, but they damage black hair and can really dry it out. Try using coconut oil instead for the shiny hair you crave without having to worry about any damage.


Condition Every Few Days

While washing your hair more than once or twice a week can damage your black strands, conditioning more often is necessary. The haircare experts suggest massaging in some conditioner every three days or so. The conditioner hydrates hair and keeps it healthy and full. There’s no reason why you have to wash before you condition so go ahead and do it a couple of times per week, no matter how often you wash your black hair.


Use a Wide Tooth Comb

Due to the texture of black hair, brushing it is usually a bad idea because it can leave you with a head full of frizz. Instead, using a wide tooth comb is your best bet. It will help detangle your hair so it looks neat and styled without all the pulling and damage that can happen when you use a brush.


Add Hair Treatments to Your Routine

Like other types of hair, black hair has its issues. That’s why you need to add certain treatments to your routine to keep it looking and feeling its best. The experts suggest a protein treatment now and then. You might also consider a hot oil treatment a couple of times each month. Get ready for a great hair day, every single day.

What do you love about your black hair? What do you hate about it?

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-______- there's a different between just "black hair" and African American hair. Which I think this post has totally confused

actually black hair's the most common in the world haha

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