Dirty Hair Don't Care Style Tips for Girls Who Don't Want to Wash It ...


Dirty Hair Don't Care Style Tips for Girls Who Don't Want to Wash It ...
Dirty Hair Don't Care Style Tips for Girls Who Don't Want to Wash It ...

Let's face it, if you have medium-long hair, washing it is a chore for so many reasons; shampooing and conditioning take time and after applying all your serums and leave-in products, you either let your hair air dry (which takes forever) or choose to style it which takes equally as long. But apart from just not wanting to do it, skipping washes is actually good for your hair! For some style tips on those "dirty hair don't care" days, keep reading! 🤓

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Dry Shampoo!! 🙌🏻

hair, clothing, hairstyle, long hair, blond, Dry shampoo is your hair's best friend! It easily extends your need for actual shampoo by 1-2 days. The right product is key though! You want something that smells light and clean, won't feel heavy on your hair, doesn't leave a white cast, and most importantly, absorbs oil! Read reviews to find what brand is right for you.


A High Pony 🐴

hair, clothing, person, blond, beauty, A high pony is my go-to do for no-wash days. It looks chic, it's super easy to style, and no one can tell your hair is dirty! Go for teasing your pony and creating a poof for a more dramatic and sexy look.


A Chic Braid 💁🏻

hair, clothing, sleeve, hairstyle, outerwear, Braids are perfect for oily/dirty hair because they hold so much better! There are tons of different braid styles, too, you just have to find one that works for you and that you can achieve with ease. I tend to opt for a side braid with a deep side part because it's quick and looks good! If you need more of your hair hidden though, crown braids are a good option!


Don't Touch It! 🙆🏼

eyewear, hair, glasses, face, vision care, It's hard to resist but try not to touch your hair throughout the day! Your hands are dirty and have oils that just make your hair dirtier! Same goes for brushing your hair constantly-- brushing pulls the oil from roots to ends, making your hair appear more greasy.


Wear a Hat 👒

white, red, clothing, footwear, fashion, This time of year is perfect for dirty hair because you can just throw a hat on and call it good! Beanies with a Pom-Pom are so cute and there's so many colors and styles to choose from. Plus, they actually serve a purpose by keeping you warm!


Use a Dry Texture Spray 💨

hair, human hair color, face, black hair, blond, If you want more volume and for your hair to smell yummy too, try a dry texture spray! This is not the same as a sea salt spray, which can leave your hair stiff and unmanageable. A dry texture spray is applied not at the roots but mid-shaft. It gives the perfect tousled look!


Tease Your Roots 💆🏽

hair, clothing, person, lady, beauty, With oily and dirty hair, it easily becomes flat and shapeless. After applying dry shampoo and a little texture spray, tease your roots for a more dramatic lift! Just part and lift the hair and back comb at the roots only. Lightly comb over the top of your hair to smooth everything out. No one will even notice you haven't washed your hair in a while!

I love the feeling of clean, bouncy hair but it's such a process to constantly wash and style it! Thank goodness for awesome products, right? Got any other dirty hair style tips to share?

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