How do I Protect My Hair πŸ‘Έ from Sun Damage 🌞? 17 Genius Hacks πŸ’‹!

We all know the importance of skin protection during the summer, but "how do I protect my hair from sun damage?" - is what many of our readers ask.

And they are right, our hair does need protection: exposing both, hair and scalp to UV rays causes terrible damage, as the follicles of our hair get burned from inside out, resulting in dry and brittle ends.

Luckily there's a number of simple ways to help us protect our hair from sun damage and if we do it daily, soon, it'll feel as natural as protecting our skin!

So, to avoid serious sun damage to your hair and scalp, and to keep it looking and feeling great in the summer time we all need to…

1. Wear a Hat when out in the Sun

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Choose one that covers all of your hair, or one that lets you tie up hair and tuck it in. From sun hats to turbans, there's plenty of amazingly stylish choices this summer!

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