How do I Protect My Hair from Sun Damage ? 17 Genius Hacks


How do I Protect My Hair from Sun Damage ? 17 Genius Hacks
How do I Protect My Hair from Sun Damage ? 17 Genius Hacks

We all know the importance of skin protection during the summer, but "how do I protect my hair from sun damage?" - is what many of our readers ask.

And they are right, our hair does need protection: exposing both, hair and scalp to UV rays causes terrible damage, as the follicles of our hair get burned from inside out, resulting in dry and brittle ends.

Luckily there's a number of simple ways to help us protect our hair from sun damage and if we do it daily, soon, it'll feel as natural as protecting our skin!

So, to avoid serious sun damage to your hair and scalp, and to keep it looking and feeling great in the summer time we all need to…

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Wear a Hat when out in the Sun

Choose one that covers all of your hair, or one that lets you tie up hair and tuck it in. From sun hats to turbans, there's plenty of amazingly stylish choices this summer!


Apply an SPF Powder to Your Hair before Going out in the Sun

Dust a water-resistant titanium dioxide and zinc oxide mix on your hair and face.


Moisturise Every Day

In summer time, it's hard to overdo it: oils, masks, conditioners use them all! In between washes do apply hair oil to the ends.


Avoid Parting Your Hair when in the Sun

Select a different style: try a slicked back ponytail or a bun to avoid having a parting.


Use Sunscreen on Your Scalp if You do Have a Parting

Use sunscreen if you have a parting. Make sure you apply a water-resistant formula throughout the day.


Stay out of the Sun: between 12 Pm and 3 Pm

This is when the sun rays are the most aggressive. Try and stay in the shade after lunch up until 3 pm.


Shower before and after You Swim

Wet hair absorbs less chlorine than dry hair and keeps hair healthier.


Opt for Air Drying Your Hair

Leave hair to dry naturally: use as little heat as possible when styling your hair in the summer, especially if you've been to the beach or spent the day at the swimming pool.


Opt for a Dry Shampoo to Spread out Washing Times

Spray and massage into scalp and avoid daily washing


Keep Hair Trimmed by Getting a Tiny Cut before Going to for Vacation and a Tiny Trim Afterwards

By getting rid of split ends hair will absorb extra nutrients and stay strong through the toughest time - the beach, salty water, swimming pool.


Drink Plenty of Water for Your Hair

Hydrate your hair by drinking lots of water - it's both from outside (oils, masks, conditioners) and from the inside - that your hair needs proper moisture


Try Sun Oils for Protection

Try natural alternatives to UV hair protection which are formulated without parabens or silicones. The natural filters keep your colour vibrant and shiny, leaving a transparent finish that looks lovely while keeping your hair protected. When you feel your hair needs that extra protection simply spritz away!


Use Sun Recovery Sprays on Your Hair

Make sure you use a deep and lightweight conditioning treatment that locks in moisture and keeps hair hydrated. A spray containing bamboo will reverse any damaging effects from chlorine and salt, and increase the silkiness of your hair.


Keep Applying Colour Treatments

These are essential for highlighted or coloured hair as they prevent fading and offer protection from salty water and chlorine. The treatment will coat the hair to stop damage and breakage. The creams are suitable for all hair types, and are also very lightweight.


Rinse with Green Tea, Sunflower and Coconut Oil Mix

After sun cleansers, when your hair feels dry and brittle due to the sea air drawing out moisture, rinsing your hair with a mixture of green tea, organic sunflower, and coconut oils is the ideal way to moisturise and condition. The Vitamin E ingredient will remove salt and chlorine without irritating your scalp.


KEEP Colour Repair Complexes COMING

These contain UV protection to keep your hair protected from the sun’s harmful rays. They also contain a range of antioxidants and vitamins to keep your hair looking bright and shiny. Remember, that UV rays can change your hair colour and cause fading!


When in DOUBT - ASK in the Hair Salon

If you’ve got any questions about sun protection for hair and scalp, you should always feel free to visit a trusted hair salon for all the advice and products you need to keep your hair looking wonderful every single day in the summer!

Lots of thanks to Concrete Hair Salon Stylists for providing these tips for us.

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