7 Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Hair and Not Even Know It ...


7 Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Hair and Not Even Know It ...
7 Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Hair and Not Even Know It ...

As someone who likes to take care of her hair and skin as much as possible, I’d like to share with you some ways you could be sabotaging your hair and not even know it. For many of us, hair care just becomes a routine. We are usually in a hurry, we like to look our best, and like to keep up with the trends. No harm there, right? Not necessarily, but be sure you’re not sabotaging your hair in the process. Many everyday techniques and routines we have are actually some of the worst ways you could be sabotaging your hair and not even know it. Check out these mistakes to avoid to be sure your hair can be as gorgeous as possible!

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Washing Too Often

Washing Too Often One of the most common ways you could be sabotaging your hair is washing it too much. I used to wash my hair every single day. I liked the feeling of having a super, squeaky clean scalp, yet my hair was simultaneously dry and brittle in the process. It also hardly grew at all. Try to wash your hair every other day if you can. If you have to rinse it and condition it, fine, but avoid washing it too much since shampoos contain ingredients that strip hair of its natural oils. Optimally, go two days without washing your hair, and wash it on the third for best results. Your hair will be shinier, softer, stronger and faster to grow.


Drying Too Long

Drying Too Long Drying your hair for a long period of time can make your hair frizzy, brittle and cause it to break from the constant heat exposure. Try not to dry your hair for more than five minutes. Let it air dry as much as possible before you dry it and after you comb it once you get out of the shower.


High Heat Setting

High Heat Setting When drying your hair, also check the heat setting. Be sure it isn’t set to high, and preferably, set it to medium. You’ll still get enough heat to dry it in a quick amount of time, but not so much to where it burns your hair.


Not Conditioning

Not Conditioning I know many of you who have issues with oily hair might argue with me here, but conditioning your hair is so important. Everyday wear, natural styling techniques, washing, etc. strip hair of natural oils and conditioning helps replace those. Even if your hair is oily, buy a conditioner made for oily hair. I also recommend using multiple conditioners made by natural brands for those of you with dry hair. Most more natural and organic brands of conditioner don’t contain alcohol or chemicals that other commercial conditioners do, which can strip your hair of natural oils.


Product Overload

If you’re a product junkie, then you could be sabotaging your hair in a big way. Serums, sprays, gels, etc. are all styling agents that can strip hair of natural oils, make it stiff and prone to break, and make your hair hard to comb through. The exceptions are leave-in conditioners, blow-out conditioning creams, etc., which can naturally help your hair heal. If you must use a product, try to pick just one to use per day, not three or four.


Too Much Color Treatment

Too Much Color Treatment Coloring your hair looks great, but it also hurts your hair. If you’re going to color your hair, keep it to once every six months optimally, but at least every three months, just to be safe. Also,be sure you condition your hair everyday if you color it to prevent further damage.


Your Diet

Your Diet If your diet is lacking healthy, whole proteins, fats and lots of fresh produce, your hair will suffer. You need these foods to maintain good hair. They build collagen, give your hair nutrients that help it to grow, and can prevent it from breaking. Hair is made of collagens that are manufactured by proteins. Eat whole food sources of protein, mostly plants, and be sure you eat enough healthy fats. Healthy fats help keep hair moist and supple, making it less prone to break and look dry.

Caring for your hair really isn’t too difficult once you get these things mastered efficiently. I feel sure that any of you can change your hair in a dramatic way like I did, with just a few months of implementing these tips. What’s a way you feel like you might be sabotaging you hair?

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Hey good one Heather! Number 1 is something i keep an eye on, i only wash my hair when it needs to :) I'm really low on maintenance, and i only use one product every so often, but other than that i love my happy healthy long hair! :D

I wash my hair daily, and heat style it on the highest heat setting daily. Not everyone's hair gets damaged from doing so. Love my Asian hair.

I wash my hair every day and it is super soft always, I get complimented many times. I do worry that I wash it too much, but my main argument against it is that whenever I do not wash my hair, even if its 1 day, it gets VERY greasy and oily on the top. It looks gross. Any suggestions?

Try rubbing a little bit of corn starch on your roots to help with those oily spots or dry shampoo which still has chemicals but maybe not as harsh as washing it daily. Wearing hair up is better than washing for that in between day.

My hair's soft and shiny without conditioner. Works for me, since i'm too lazy to condition.

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