7 Causes of Hair Breakage You Need to Be Aware of ...

There are many different causes of hair breakage you need to be on the alert for. It is really important to be on guard against hair breakage. Once you start experiencing it, it is very difficult to get your hair in good condition again. It is much better to prevent than to have to try and repair. If you learn about the causes of hair breakage then you will know what to avoid.

1. Dryness

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One of the main causes of hair breakage is dryness of the hair. You can have dry hair for a number of different reasons. You may have naturally dry hair or it could be that way because you are washing it too often or committing another mistake with your hair that makes it dry. Ideally, you should wash your hair no more often than every other day. If you are dealing with dry hair, try to add in a deep conditioner once every couple of weeks and see if it can offer you some assistance in that area.

2. Over-processing

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When someone says that you have over-processed your hair it means that you have had too many chemical processes such as perms, color or lightening or chemical straightening. Processing your hair is damaging to it. You can have these things done but the trick is to not do it too often. Aim to have only one chemical process every two to three months. This will greatly help you to prevent hair breakage.

3. Heat Styling

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Heat styling is a girl’s best friend and her worst enemy. Heat styling can make our hair look glorious, but it can also wreak havoc on it like nobody’s business. I heat style my hair but not daily. When I am going to be home, I give my hair the day off from being heat styled. Every day you can do this cuts down on the potential for hair breakage.

4. Brushing when Wet

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Brushing your hair when it is wet is bad, bad, bad. This is a criminal offense when it comes to hair breakage. When your hair is wet, choose a comb or a pick to detangle it. You can use a styling brush after it is dry. The only exception to this rule is if you are using a round brush to shape the ends when you are blow drying it. This does not inflict nearly as much damage on your hair and is permissible.

5. Using the Wrong Hair Accessories

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I absolutely cringe when I see women using the wrong hair accessories on their hair. I want to run up to them and kindly tell them that there are better options. Since I cannot do that without appearing rude, crazy or perhaps both, I will tell you where. Stay away from rubber bands that are not coated and bobby pins that do not have coated ends. They will cause hair breakage like nobody’s business.

6. Pulling Too Tightly

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I understand that if your hair is past bob length then you are going to want to pull it up. That is perfectly fine as long as you are not pulling it up and back too tightly. Don’t tug the hair so tight that it feels like it is pulling on your face. The goal is to get your hair out of your face not to make it prisoner. Allow a little slack in the hair and you will prevent hair breakage from occurring.

7. Treating Your Hair Roughly

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Treating your hair roughly is begging for hair damage. Don’t do it. This is something I preach to my daughter all the time. You cannot be rough on your hair and expect it to be silky and sleek. Treat it with a gentle hand and it will thank you by looking gorgeous. Your hair was not made for rough treatment.

These causes of hair breakage can be avoided. What causes breakage in your hair? What little secrets can you share with me on this subject?

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