7 Reasons to Work with Your Hair's Natural Texture ...


7 Reasons to Work with Your Hair's Natural Texture ...
7 Reasons to Work with Your Hair's Natural Texture ...

You know, as you get a weensy bit older, you begin to realize that you should not fight against your hair’s natural texture. Most of us spend a lot of our time fighting our hair to be something that it really isn’t. We always want what we don’t have, don’t we? And that includes a hairstyle that isn’t your hair’s natural texture. Let’s learn to embrace what we have and the beauty it offers.

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Less Chemicals

One reason you should embrace your hair’s natural texture is that it usually means less chemicals on your hair. The processes of having your hair permed or professionally straightened are not healthy for your hair. And if you are going to color, you are better off choosing a color that is fairly close to your natural hair color so the process isn’t so harsh. I color my hair but I stay in the same color family that my hair naturally is. The more drastic you go with your hair, the more chemicals you are asking your hair to take.


Easier to Fix

Hair is easier to fix when you embrace your hair’s natural texture. I know two women who have the most beautiful, naturally curly hair. I envy them. They look so pretty when they wear their hair in its natural state. But neither of them are content with their hair and many times, they go to a lot of trouble to manipulate their hair into a straight style. They could save a lot of hassle if they just wore their beautiful curls.


Less Expense

You know, fighting the natural texture of your hair is costly. You have to pay for products to aid you along the way. You have to spend more at the salon. Embracing your hair’s natural texture saves you money. It is something to think about.


Less Damage

When you fight against your hair’s natural texture, you are going to typically end up with more damage to your hair. For me, the easiest style to wear is straight and sleek. This is my hair’s natural texture and it is also the way I get the most compliments on my hair. All I have to do is run a flat iron over it momentarily and it is done. Whereas if I curl it, I am spending the better part of an hour exposing my hair to harsh heat styling.


It is Quicker

Going with your hair’s natural texture instead of fighting against it is usually a time saver. Like I stated before, when I personally fight against what my hair wants to do on its own, it takes me a lot longer to style it. I am sure the same is true for you. It is so much easier to just make the most of what you have. Another thought to think on is that your unique hair is part of what makes you special.


Less Time at the Beauty Shop

I don’t know about you gals, but as much as I love my hair dresser, I could do with less time at the beauty shop. Yet, when you fight your hair’s natural texture, that is exactly what you end up with. I try to make my trips to the salon space out every three months. I do this by going with a color that is very close to my own and keeping up my eyebrows in between appointments. This saves me money, too.


You Get Compliments

You know, I have noticed something. Usually, others love the natural texture of your hair over whatever you are trying to do to it. I think it is because it suits you, because it is you. Going against it is absolutely okay for a change but why not consider embracing what your hair naturally wants to do? You can find many styles for whatever texture hair you have.

Let’s weigh in here. I want to hear your thoughts. Have any of you given up the fight against your hair and embraced your natural hair texture?

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HA! I'm glad for more natural hair post but just cause your hair is natural doesn't mean you automatically healthy beautiful hair. I love my hair and it has grown dramatically since I cut off the relaxer but I don't think it's right to mislead about natural hair. Natural hair is difficult, can break just as easily as chemically treated, can be quite costly to care for (if you choose to use more organic and chemical free products), and is not quicker by any means. Again I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hair but it is not a walk in the park and it's not perfect everyday either.

Love this post. Most of it is true. Well for me anyway. Its easy for me to handle & I get compliments all the time.

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I'm newly natural and have yet to really deal with my own hair because it's been in a long term protective style, but I am excited about cute twist outs and kinky fros. I know it's not easier and can be more expensive to maintain but I'm living the looks that I see.

I have had my locs for 3 years (not including the 5 mos I transitioned before my big chop), I LOVE IT!! I don't have to detangle or comb or brush. I retwist once a month and I can do most of the things that girls do with loose hair... curl, braid, updos, bangs (as you can see in my pic). I can wash and go. There is nothing not to love about being a dreadhead :)

Honestly. I'm natural but I spend a lot of time in the store looking for products and it still take time to do. I can't just wake up and go twist outs and braid outs or just it's natural curl pattern takes time. IT IS NOT EASY BEING NATURAL. Especially when you have hair as thick as mine, taming the beast is no small task.

Well I have decided to go natural not sure I'll like it but I'm going to give it a try.

I have! I'm African American and I've been natural for almost 3 years. my hair is so much healthier and prettier now then when it was relaxed. when I straighten my natural hair it's longer than it would ever grow with a relaxer. I am definitely loving embracing my natural.

@Amber, i know it. i have had trouble with my natural locs and i get so tired of it, so i just let someone else do it.

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