7 Helpful Hints on Preventing Hair Damage ...


Preventing hair damage is crucial since it’s much easier to prevent than undoing damage to your hair. We’ve gotta be proactive and not reactive in our hair care. Sometimes, even the most seemingly harmless things we do to style or care for our hair can end up damaging our tresses. As frustrating as it is, many times we forget just how fragile our hair really is. If you’re interested in preventing hair damage and keeping your hair looking as healthy as possible, don’t miss out on these great tips!

1. Know Your Hair

Getting to know your particular hair type is a big part of preventing hair damage. You can’t really protect or prevent damage when you don’t really know what your hair type is. Is it thin, thick, dyed, coarse, oily or dry? The thickness of your hair will determine the temperature on your heat tools so avoid turning up the heat too high if your hair is fine. Your hair type will also determine the type of hair styling products that will work best for you so take some time to really get to know your hair.

Don’t OverWash