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7 Hair Secrets That Can Make a Huge Difference ...

By Alicia

Would you like to know some helpful hair secrets that could give you some inside info? Personally, I am always up for learning new hair secrets. We all want to have beautiful hair so it is nice to know every little bit of hair knowledge that we can learn. It can totally change how you style your hair or even change your hair itself.

1 The Correct Use of a Bobby Pin

I want to say that some of these hair secrets may not be new to all of you, but it is my hope that at least a couple of them are. One thing that many women do not know is the correct way to use a bobby pin. I only learned this about two years ago. Bobby pins should be placed in your hair with the zig-zag side down, against your scalp and the flat part showing. This helps the pin to grasp and hold.

2 How You Sit during a Haircut

Did you know that how you sit during a haircut matters? It does. If you cross your legs or lean your weight on an arm on the arm rest, you are going to chance getting an uneven cut. Those actions make your body uneven and the stylist can only work with what you present to her;sit unevenly and your cut will be uneven. The best way to sit during a cut is with your feet flat on the foot rest, not crossed and let your hands lay in your lap.

3 Using Rain Water as a Rinse

This one is not well-known but I have known it for years. This one came from her mom which came from her mom. Rain water will soften your hair. Here is the best way to use it. Wash your hair normally with regular tap water. But use a pan of fresh, clean rain water as your rinse; it will soften it tremendously.

4 Barely Rinsing out Conditioner

I learned this by reading The Small Things Blog, which I love and read daily. Kate Bryan, the author and a hair stylist, recommends that you do not rinse out your conditioner for a long period of time. She says that women typically rinse too much of it out. Rinse it quickly so that you still have some conditioner coating your locks. You will be able to tell the difference. It feels much better and has more of a shine.

5 Cotton Pillowcases Cause Hair Breakage

Did you know that cotton pillowcases can cause hair breakage? I did not know this until I started doing some research for this article. I was really rather shocked at this fact. All these years and I have slept on cotton pillowcases. A much better option is a satin or silk pillowcase. I will be purchasing replacement pillowcases very soon.

6 Your Hair Needs Sun Protection, Too

Your skin is not the only thing that needs sun protection. Your hair does too. Before you are going to be out in the sun for an extended amount of time such as a day at the beach or lounging by the pool, spray a SPF protectant spray into your hair. There actually are sun products made specifically for your hair. Other options include wearing a hat, a hair scarf or at least putting it in a bun to protect the ends, which tend to be the most fragile and likely to be damaged from the sun.

7 Dirty Hair Styles Better

This one is not very popular but it is true. Dirty hair styles better. I do not like to have dirty hair and typically wash it daily. But if you have a certain style in mind such as an updo or curls, you are going to be better off starting with dirty hair. One reason is that dirty hair typically has some product already in it as well as a day’s worth of wear so it tends to have a bit more grab to it.

I hope that some of these secrets are ones that can help you with your hair. I would absolutely love it if you would share some of your hair secrets with me and all our readers. What are your best hair secrets?

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