7 Hair Secrets That Can Make a Huge Difference ...


Would you like to know some helpful hair secrets that could give you some inside info? Personally, I am always up for learning new hair secrets. We all want to have beautiful hair so it is nice to know every little bit of hair knowledge that we can learn. It can totally change how you style your hair or even change your hair itself.

1. The Correct Use of a Bobby Pin

I want to say that some of these hair secrets may not be new to all of you, but it is my hope that at least a couple of them are. One thing that many women do not know is the correct way to use a bobby pin. I only learned this about two years ago. Bobby pins should be placed in your hair with the zig-zag side down, against your scalp and the flat part showing. This helps the pin to grasp and hold.

How You Sit during a Haircut