7 Hair Mistakes to Never Make ...


7 Hair Mistakes to Never Make ...
7 Hair Mistakes to Never Make ...

There are many hair mistakes that you can make but some of them are worse than others. Some of them are mistakes in styling but some are more damaging to your hair than a bad style. These are mistakes that can either cause great damage to your hair or will cause you a lot of regret. Avoid these hair mistakes for healthier hair and a happier you.

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Curling or Straightening Wet

It is not healthy to curl or straighten your hair wet. You can absolutely fry it. There are a few hair tools that are designed specifically for this purpose. But if your hair tool is not designed for this purpose, do not attempt to do this. It is one of the hair mistakes that can result in great damage.


Brushing Wet

Brushes are wonderful hair tools, but they are not a good choice to use on your hair when it is wet. It stretches your hair out and causes breakage. Wet hair needs to be handled carefully. You are much better off to use a wide tooth comb on your hair when it is wet.


Using Non-coated Rubber Bands

Ponytails are not the healthiest hairstyle in general. But they cross the line into huge damage causers when you choose to use non-coated rubber bands. You are causing tons of hair breakage. We all wear ponytails from time to time if our hair is long enough. But if you are going to wear your hair in a ponytail, be sure that you use a rubber band that won’t damage your hair.



It is absolutely fine to have your hair processed through coloring, straightening or curling. But if you combine a lot of different processes you risk over-processing. This is very hard on your hair. It can lead to dryness or brittle hair. It is best to only choose one type of chemical processing to use for best results.


Getting a Cut You Are Not Sure about

If you are not sure about a haircut, do not make your appointment yet. Having your hair cut into a new style that you don’t know for sure if you truly want is setting yourself up for trouble. You may end up feeling regret, which is terrible because there isn’t a lot you can do once you have committed yourself to a cut. You certainly cannot glue it back on. You have put yourself in the position of having to wait till it grows out. It is best to be sure that you want a haircut before you go to the salon.


Not Going to the Salon

Not going to the salon can end up being a big mistake. The trouble can come in different ways. Your hair can end up looking neglected because it needs to be colored or cut. You cause even worse trouble for yourself when you attempt to do your hair yourself. This is one of those things that is best left to the professionals.


Wearing Your Ponytail Too Tight

If you are going to wear a ponytail, do not wear it too tightly. We talked about how the wrong rubber bands can cause breakage. But you can still cause breakage with the correct kind of rubber band if you wear it too tightly. If you must get your hair out of your face, a better option is to twist it up and clip it with a claw. That is usually the option I choose when I want to get mine out of my way for a while.

Avoiding these hair mistakes can help you to have healthier hair, which is something we all want. What is the worst hair mistake you have ever made? How did you recover from it?

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I wash my hair everyday,is that bad?

Tangle teezers are great for brushing wet hair x

Ugh my hair is so fine it breaks easily anyone know of a good anti breakage treatment ? Don't wanna cut my hair!!!

Don't go to salon unless you trust them! If you know you can do it yourself and make it look good then go for it I say.

I can't see the tips ???

Is that Selena Gomez on the first picture? She really looks like her

Lidia, You shouldn't wash your hair daily. It can cause dryness because you're stripping your hair of its natural oils. Try washing it every other day or use a dry shampoo.

I have heard coconut milk mixed with water makes a good serum for hair. How do I make that at home and make it last longer as in for it not to go stale that quick..?

Thank you... :)

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