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There are plenty of ways to help your hair grow fast for those times when you want it long and you want it now. Of course, you can always get extensions, but that option can be pricey and a bit of a headache if you are not prepared. These ways to help your hair grow fast are much less expensive than hair extensions. The average person's hair grows one centimeter to half an inch per month. Here are a few great ways to increase that hair growth up to a quarter of an inch in 30 days!

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Prenatal Vitamins

Most of us are familiar with this wives' tale of ways to help your hair grow longer, but the surprising part is that it actually works! Unfortunately, the high amounts of iron in prenatal vitamins can lead to health risks for those not preggers. For this reason, we should keep prenatal vitamins and all their hair growth greatness to those who actually have a bun in their oven.


Hair, Skin, and Nails Vitamins

Pregnant women do not get to keep all the hair growth fun. Another great option for those not with child is to take a hair, skin, and nails vitamin. These vitamins increase the strength of nails and hair while helping skin keep a healthy complexion. As always, I recommend an organic vitamin that is made with natural ingredients instead of the lab synthesized kind.


Shampoos and Conditioners

Did you know that there are shampoos and conditioners out there for hair growth? There are, and some of them even work! Although there are tons, I have tried and love Revita's High Performance Hair Stimulating shampoo and conditioner. The anti-DHA complex along with amino acids help hair grow longer and thicker, faster. This brand is also great for those with sensitive skin.


Hair Masks

To get hair longer, faster, keeping it healthy is vital. A hair mask every 10 days to 2 weeks will help keep hair moisturized and reduce breakage from being dry or damaged. It would also help to limit massive styling and sleeping with hair tied up. All of these increase hair breakage.


A Healthy Scalp

Our scalps are where our hair follicles are located, so it makes sense that a healthy scalp will create healthier hair. Scalp massages and tingling shampoos will help activate nerves and increase follicle activity. There are also plenty of hair masks out there that promise great hair and scalp health all at once.


Coconut Oil

Like hair masks, coconut oil will help keep the hair and scalp moisturized as well as placing much needed nutrients back into it. Apply coconut oil to your hair after a shower, avoiding the roots, to help keep hair healthy and ridiculously shiny. For serious scalp moisture, apply coconut oil to the scalp and leave in for 20 minutes. You can do this once a month.


A Healthy Diet

Our body is only able to use the nutrients we put into it. If we are putting garbage into it, we will get garbage out. Eating healthy will help give a better complexion, a healthier immune system, higher energy levels, and hair that is healthier and grows faster. Taking a multivitamin will always help when it comes to eating, and living, healthier.

There are so many myths and truths when it comes to growing hair fast. All of these methods are tried and true for giving healthier, thicker, and faster growing hair. What hair myths do you believe or not believe?

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Use coconut oil treatments, take a multivitamin everyday, exercise and massage scalp everyday, eat protein and take protein shakes, don't straighten your hair and wear a hair scarf at night to prevent breakage! It's not rocket science!

Just bought revita shapoo before reading these tips super excited to try it!

If you put aloe vera in your shampoo it will make your hair grow fast. Im currently doing that now and it works

trying your hair up Is a good way to make your hair grow faster because of the pull it provides.

There isn't any bring that can make your hair grow faster. There are things that can make our hair grow slower like, poor diet, lack of exercise, cigarettes, no multi vitamin or hair skin nail vitamin.. Most peoples hair grow in optimal conditions 1/2inch-3/4inch a month. So this means that u can do all these things and more and I will def boost you to your optimal hair growth per month but nothing is gonna make it grow more than that

Massaging the scalp is great for growing the hair too

This didn't help

The common belief that trimming hair constantly, will lead to faster hair growth, isn't true-cutting hair doesn't make it grow any faster-trimming hair is necessary to remove damage, and split ends that can travel up the root and stunt the growth of your hair, but getting your hair trimmed or cut frequently will not result in longer hair-growing long hair is really determined by your genetics, your overall health and diet, and what you do to your hair on a daily basis-many people get their hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks, but its honestly not for everyone-some people are just able to grow their hair long and go longer without trimming it-I have incredibly long and thick hair that reaches past my hips, and I am growing it longer-I only get my hair dusted (the ends barely snipped) maybe twice a year-the stylist always comments on how healthy my hair is-and she doesn't try to cut off more hair-split ends are awful, but luckily I have such healthy hair I never have to deal with them-my hair keeps growing, even if I don't trim my hair as much as other people do-Vitamins are necessary for hair growth, Biotin is great-Drink lots of water, eat healthy, exercise, avoid using heat on your hair, don't wash your hair every day, keep it protected at night by braiding it, and avoid doing harmful things to your hair by bleaching it, dyeing it constantly or wearing harsh hair extensions, and you should see healthy hair growth-I have had long hair my whole life and its one of my favorite things about myself-if you want longer hair, you have to treat it with care and be patient

My goal is hair passed my waist long hair is gorgeous

I have MS &, for some unknown reason, if I have my hair trimmed every 6 - 8 weeks as well as change my shampoo & conditioner sets after every 2 times I wash my hair ( every 2 days ), my hair grows about an inch or so every month. I have no idea whether it is the shampoo/conditioner rotations, the hair trim, having MS, or any combination of these "treatments", I just know that it works.

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