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With so many ways to style your braid, what are you waiting for? The humble braid is hot this summer, so you can really rock it by adding that little something extra to the look. However, don’t feel bad if you just go with the braid – you’ll still look fabulous! A braid is simple to do in just a couple of minutes and it keeps your hair fresh and cute no matter how hot it gets outside. Check out these fun and adorable ways to style your braid and you’ll see why I love this hairstyle so very much.

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Add a Ribbon

Add a Ribbon This is my favorite of the many ways to style your braid. It only takes seconds and adds a bit of flair to your usual braid. Start by pulling your hair into a low ponytail and securing it with a hair elastic. Then, tie a ribbon around the elastic, leaving one end of the ribbon about as long as your hair. Then braid as usual, capturing the ribbon in one of the sections of your braid. Secure the end with another elastic and you’re set to go.


Make It Messy

Make It Messy There’s a lot to be said for a nice neat, tight braid, but the new trends lean more toward the messy side. But don’t worry because you’ll still look pulled together and beautiful even if you let your hair go a bit. Braid your hair as usual, but then pull on it a bit to leave a few bits hanging out and down. I do this style all the time and love it!


Start on the Side

Start on the Side If you love the fallback to the 1980’s and go for the side ponytail, you’ll love this look. At the same time, this secures the hair on top of your head so you can achieve a pulled back look. You can even add a ribbon or other accessories to make your braid stand out. Start your braid near your ear and pull it around the back of your head in a slanted way so it hangs down instead of sticking out the side of your head. Now your braid is the accessory too!


Slide on Beads

Slide on Beads This look is part beachy and part fun and so easy to pull off. Look for beads with a wide hole and start with a couple of smaller braids. When you get to the end of each braid, slide a couple of beads on your hair and then use a hair elastic to keep everything in place.


Adding beads to your braids can turn a simple hairstyle into a playful and exotic statement suitable for virtually any occasion. Opt for colorful wooden beads for a bohemian vibe, or metallic ones for a more glamorous look. Mixing and matching different sizes and colors can elevate your look even further, adding flair and personality to your braids. Just remember, the key is to seamlessly integrate the beads into your hair so that they complement your overall style rather than overpower it.


Add Flowers

Add Flowers Whether you put your flowers at the top or the bottom of your braid, you’re sure to see this look everywhere this summer. Use a silk flower when you start your braid or add one after you put on a hair elastic. Use any color or size and mix and match them with your favorite summer outfits.


Wear a Headband

Wear a Headband Add a headband to your braid for a glammed up look that works in the office or out on the town. You can stick with the traditional pushed back headband or go for one of the popular ones you wear on your forehead instead. No matter which style you like, opt for something thin and sparkly. You’re going to love it!


Clip in Some Barrettes

Clip in Some Barrettes The fun thing about this style is that you can use more than one if you opt for smaller barrettes. It looks especially great on long braids. Choose a couple of small bows or sparkly pins and secure them in your braid rather than at the top or bottom. You’re going to get tons of compliments.

I love to wear my hair in a braid. It looks like I put some effort into my style and it keeps my hair away from my face at the same time. How do you style your braid? Will you try one now that you have all these great ideas?

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