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7 Ways to Conceal Hair Loss ...

By Rosalina

Hair loss can affect men and women both young and old and although it's sometimes difficult to prevent it, there are some ways to conceal hair loss which will mean you will be confident and happy. There are many reasons people lose their hair. Stress, illness, excessive hair treatments, hormone changes, chemotherapy and genetics can all play a part but these ways to conceal hair loss will help ensure that it doesn't take over your life.

1 Consultation

One of the first things to do if you're looking for ways to conceal hair loss is to speak to a specialist in this area. Whether it's a doctor or dermatologist, they will be able to offer you advice about possible surgical procedures or ways in which you can minimize the appearance of the hair loss and help you build your confidence.

2 Hats and Hair Pieces

There are so many accessories on the market which you can use to conceal the hair loss. Hats, bandanas and even hair pieces or toupees are available. These can be specially customized to fit your remaining hair and can even be specifically designed for athletics or swimming. These do need to be maintained though, so aside from the initial cost of the hair piece or wig, consider a plan which will help maintain the life of the hair piece over time.

3 Weaves and Extensions

Hair weaves and extensions are also available for all hair types so this is also something you may want to consider. Speak to your hair stylist for more information about the options available to you and which ones would be appropriate for your hair type and color.

4 Products

There are also many products on the market to help deal with hair loss. This is a lucrative market and there are many lotions and potions which have not proved to be particularly successful in terms of reducing hair loss or increasing hair growth but which promise you the world. This is something to bear in mind when purchasing something medicinal. Two popular ones however are Regain and Propecia. Regain is available over the counter and applied to the scalp and Propecia, which is available through your pharmacist, is an oral medication. Results vary widely for these medicines. There are other products such as Dermmatch, which although does not help with regrowth, gives the illusion of thicker hair by shading the areas which are sparse.

5 Hair Transplants

Hair transplanting is a procedure which is growing in popularity, particularly amongst males. It involves taking hair from one part of the head and transplanting to a part of the head where the hair is scarce and thinning. However, this should only be done by a qualified dermatologist and requires patience, as hair follicle by hair follicle is painstakingly transplanted to another area of the head.

6 Surgery

There are other forms of surgery which are available such as scalp reduction, which admittedly sounds like a form of medieval torture but don't be dissuaded. This actually involves removing part of the scalp where the hair has thinned or gone completely and pulling the portions together. Flap surgery is similar in that it involves pulling the receding hair line forward.

7 Confidence

Losing your hair for whatever reason can seriously damage confidence but speaking to a counselor or indeed other people who have gone through a similar situation can be comforting and help you move forward with your life.

There are many ways to conceal hair loss. The key though is not to despair about your missing hair. Has anyone suffered hair loss and used any of the above methods? Perhaps you have some other tips for concealing hair loss and building confidence?

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