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I have gone in for a short haircut several times, but over the years have decided I like it longer rather than shorter. However, I wish I could pull off a short haircut because I love the way they look and feel. I just don’t think they look that great on me. The good news is that even if you hate the cut, it’s just hair and it will grow back eventually. So there’s really no reason not to take the risk and get your locks chopped off. Who knows? You might find out you really love it!

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It’s Cooler

If you’re anything like me, you’ve wished for a short haircut when the heat of the summer just got to be too much to bear. After all, who wants sticky, damp and sweaty hair stuck to their neck? Getting your hair cut off will make you feel cooler and much more comfortable. The funny thing is that you won’t necessarily be colder when winter comes, so don’t worry about growing it back out before the cold weather hits.


Less Product

You aren’t going to get rich by cutting your hair short, but you sure can cut back in the amount of shampoo, conditioner and styling products you need to use on a daily basis. That means you can stretch your products so they last longer, which means fewer trips to the store for refills.


Low Maintenance

The reason I hated my short haircut is because it actually took longer to style than when it’s longer. However, I’m the exception to the rule because for most people, shorter locks are much easier to take care of. You can often reduce your styling time dramatically and windy, wet days won’t wreak such havoc on your style. Not all short cuts fit the bill, but many of them are easy and fast to style so you’re out the door and ready in no time.


Showcases Your Face

Without tons of hair blocking your outstanding good looks, the world gets to see what a beauty you are. When you cut your hair short, there aren’t any strands to hang in your face, which means you aren’t hiding anything. Short hairstyles can enhance many face types and skin tones, and you’re sure to get tons of compliments if you get your hair shorn off.



I think you can look professional with any length of hair, but many business experts agree that a short haircut comes off as more professional than a super long one. If you’re entering the corporate world and need a look to go with it, a short haircut might be just what you’re after. There's a load of great ones out there so you’re sure to find one you like.


You Need a Change

The great thing about a dramatic haircut is that it’s never permanent. If you feel like you’re in a rut and want to shake things up, a short haircut is a great way to do that. Many women find that a major change can help them heal after a breakup or death. So if you’re after change, take things slow and start by getting your strands sheared.


You Want to

Really, what better reason could there be? If you want a short haircut, go for it! Try to avoid the negative or questioning comments and just give it a try. Again, a haircut is not forever and you can grow it back out if you decide you don’t want to go short for life.

Have you ever gone for a short haircut? What were your reasons? I got mine chopped off after each of my babies was born because I got tired of little tiny hands pulling it all the time. Now that they are older, I occasionally get the urge, but usually stay with my long hair. Are you ready to make your next haircut appointment?

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I donated my hair and the short hair is amazing easy to care for & style everyone should try it once!

I find longer hair in summer so uncomfortable. I just went from just below chin length to just below the ears because of the heat, and it feels so much more comfortable. You wouldn't think less than 2" hair would make so much difference!

I took this advice and went for the shorter hair. It has seriously helped me. Now people take me seriously and I feel up-to-date with the fashion world. This tip is great for Summer😉

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