What's Your Hair Color Say about You? ...


Do you have a burning hot temper to match your red tresses? A warm personality to match your golden locks? Are you as creative as your pastel curls? Your hair color can say so much about you! Which stereotypes come with your hair?

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Ombre is still very much in style! The look of darker roots and mid-lengths melting into lighter ends speaks to your ease (there's practically no upkeep) - and, therefore, shows off your carefree personality. It also shows that you're a woman who doesn’t always play it safe.



Whether it’s true or not, research shows that people tend to put a lot of stock in a brunette’s brain. They're viewed as smarter, as well as levelheaded and great judges of character. Do those traits fit you?


Deep Brown/black

Brown hair that's verging on black can be a tough color to pull off. These dark locks carry mystery, something that makes makes people very intrigued in you. Mystery turns into curiosity - people want to know all about you!



Did you know that only 2-6% of the US population can claim to be a natural born ginger? So, clearly, redheads are very rare. That's why it's such an eye-grabbing color! Redheads are seen as being adventurous, fiery, and outgoing.


Golden Blonde

Blondes are usually seen as "the girl next door." The color gives a sort of innocence, but also gives some sex appeal. Golden blonde is a fun and flirty color that shines when paired with an outgoing personality! Do blondes really have more fun?

Do you think the stereotypes for your hair color ring true?

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@jenny thats a bit harsh im blonde and im not overrated actually my friend is black headed and shes..... wow

And we poor old dears with grey and white hair?

Just found this new tv series called the leftovers, looks pretty interesting. What are you doing? :)

I'm a redhead

I'm blonde and I'm very outgoing so I totally agree.😜

blondes are overrated ,,,black, brutnette and red hair are much more beautiful.

people wants to know everything about me 😄

What about purple?

Bad grammar in the title

the blonde thing don't really fit me

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