7 Steps to Recreating Your Salon Hairstyle at Home ...


Do you have trouble recreating your salon hairstyle? Most women can relate. There are some steps you can take to make sure you are capable of recreating your salon hairstyle. Let’s talk about them so you can finally master styling your hair the way you have been dreaming of.

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Take Some Pictures

One of the easiest steps in recreating your salon hairstyle at home is to take some pictures of your hair the day you have it done. If you don’t, you have no image of what it looked like to compare your attempts to. Take a picture of your hair from the front, the side and the back. It can be very helpful to go back and look at photos when you are attempting to recreate the style. Without pictures, you have no point of reference.


Take Notes

While you may feel a little funny doing this, rest assured that it is very helpful. As your hairstylist is styling your hair, take some notes. When you notice something she is doing that you did not realize was part of the styling process, write it down. An easy and quick option is to put the notes in your phone. It is easy to key them in and save. You can read them later when you need the reminder of how to style your hair.


Notice the Products

Products do make a difference, ladies. You don’t have to buy every hair product that your hairstylist uses on your hair but you should buy the ones that really make a difference. Ask her which products she recommends for you. You don’t even have to purchase them from her. It’s okay to compare prices and go with wherever you can get the lowest price.


Notice the Tools

Not only do the products she uses on your hair make a difference but the hair tools do, as well. You cannot expect a low end hair tool to perform as well as a high end hair tool. There are exceptions but for the most part, it is true. I finally figured out that the flat iron my hair stylist was using was giving me the sleek, soft look I left the salon with. I decided to buy the same hair tool and have had much better luck with recreating my salon style ever since.


Ask Questions

It’s okay to ask questions. Your hairstylist will not mind. She loves doing hair and making women feel good about themselves. Asking questions can make a big difference. It means the difference between guessing and feeling confident in a new styling technique. Asking questions can clear up any confusion you may have.


Watch Some Tutorials

Tutorials can be helpful in learning to style your hair. And fortunately, there are tutorials for almost anything you can imagine on YouTube, including hairstyles. If you know that your hairstylist used some root teasing to give you the look you love, do a search for that technique. You can do this for many different hairstyle techniques. An advantage to this is that you can do this at your own pace and watch it as many times as you need to.


Go Back for a Teaching Session

If you are really struggling to recreate your salon hairstyle at home and it’s important to you, go back for a teaching session. Ask if there is a time you can come in and receive some individualized instruction. Of course you will need to compensate her for her time and be sure to tell her that you will do so up front. This one-on-one time can make all the difference. You will leave the salon feeling confident in your styling techniques.

Have you had trouble recreating your salon style at home? How did you finally master it? I would love to read your stories.

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