7 Steps to Celebrity like Hair ...


7 Steps to Celebrity like Hair ...
7 Steps to Celebrity like Hair ...

OK ladies, how many of us look in the mirror and think "What AM I going to do with this head of hair today?" while wishing we knew the steps to celebrity like hair? I see lots of hands raised! Well, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. You absolutely can have hair like the stars do, and it's not as hard as you might think! And it all starts with your shampooing technique. A good strong house starts with a foundation right? So it makes sense that the appearance of your hair would start with how you care for it. Here are 7 steps to celebrity like hair that you can accomplish in the shower! It's so easy, you won't believe it!

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Detangle First

Detangle First You don't want to get your hair wet if it's all tangled up. Your hair is weaker when it's wet, so you risk more breakage and damage as you detangle your wet hair after your shower. Comb or brush before you get in. Bonus: You will loosen dirt and oils in your hair, making it easier to clean, and all of your loose hairs will end up in your brush instead of your drain!


Don't Go Overboard

Don't Go Overboard You don't need a whole handful of shampoo in order to clean your head! This step of the 7 steps to celebrity like hair is very important! Celebrities know that shampoos are very concentrated and you can get away with using less. A quarter sized blob is about right for short hair. If you have longer strands, double that!


Lather up the Right Place

Lather up the Right Place It's really only necessary to lather up your scalp. The ends of your hair will get washed as you rinse your hair out! Besides, the ends of your hair are dryer than your scalp is, so you don't need to lather up the ends. Use the pads of your fingers to gently massage your scalp in a circular motion until it's all clean.


Don't Condition Your Scalp

Don't Condition Your Scalp I know girls who pile conditioner onto their scalps like it's going out of style! And I used to make the same mistake! But then I found out that the scalp produces its own oils so we don't need to add conditioners to our scalps. This step to celebrity like hair will save you a case of the greasies halfway through the day! The ends of your hair are really the only place that needs conditioner on a daily basis so go ahead and skip your scalp!


Let It Soak in

Let It Soak in It's important to let your hair soak in the goodness of your conditioner before you rinse it out. Celebrities already know this, so follow this step to celebrity like hair if you want to look like one! I usually apply my conditioner to my hair and then shave my legs while I let the conditioner soak in! You can try that, or find another way that works for you.


Rinse Completely

Rinse Completely Do you ever see a celebrity with dull, lifeless hair? No! That's because they know this step for hair just like the celebs! Make sure you rinse your shampoo and conditioner out of your hair completely. So many people make the mistake of not rinsing well enough, and that leaves shampoo buildup, which inhibits shine and body. Don't weigh your hair down! Make sure you rinse well.


Finish with Cold Water

Finish with Cold Water I know you are all cringing at this thought, but I encourage you to make your final rinse with cold water! Yes, it's uncomfortable, but your hair will have healthy shine locked into it! Cold water seals the cuticle of your hair and locks in shine. So just grit your teeth and do it-it's not that bad!

I can assure you that you will be turning heads now that you have these steps to celebrity like hair! And who knew that it all starts in the shower? Your hair will be bouncy and shiny and gorgeous! Be prepared to receive compliments! I hope you refer your friends to this article when they ask you what your secret is! In the meantime, do you have any other star quality hair care tips?

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