7 Tips for DIY Hair Dye ...


7 Tips for DIY Hair Dye ...
7 Tips for DIY Hair Dye ...

DIY Hair Dye is easy and much more inexpensive than getting your hair professionally covered. Although I occasionally get my hair done at the salon, I generally prefer doing it myself – or, well, okay, the Better Half helps. Sometimes a lot. But that's not the point! The point is that you, too, can do DIY hair dye, while being sure that it will look as great as it does at the salon. You don't have to spend a lot of time and money to get beautifully colored hair. Just do it yourself with these awesome DIY hair dye tips!

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Know Your Coloring

The first step of DIY hair dye is to know your coloring. While experimenting is awesome, since hair always grows back, you still want to be careful. Some of us just won't look good with a certain color. I can't pull of burgundy or shades of black, for instance, yet I can go with very dark brown. So, even if it means looking at samples or playing with wigs, just know which colors will look good with your skin tone.


Follow the Instructions

No matter how many times you've dyed your own hair, you have to follow the instructions every time. You don't even want to think about what might happen if you don't. This is especially true if you're trying a new brand but, as far as that goes, sometimes it's better to stick to one brand than to keep changing it around.


Consider a Cap

This seems kind of innocuous and unimportant, but it can really be helpful with a DIY hair dye job. There are certain types of hair coloring, such as highlights, that require a cap. For other dye jobs, it can help the color set in more – but it's best to double check first, just in case.


Buy More than You Need

Speaking from experience, you should always do this, even if you only think you'll need one box. There's nothing worse than running out of dye before all of your hair is covered. It's better to use two at once than to wait and color your hair again the next day. Plus this way you can make sure that everything is fully colored.


Darken and Lighten Gradually

I once went from light brown to dark brown very fast. Big mistake! From then on, I was stuck with super dark brown, and after a while, I just hated it. If you're going to make an extreme change, do it gradually. That way, you can be sure you'll like it.



This is my favorite DIY hair dye tip ever, because I hate getting dye on my neck and ears. Before you begin, just apply a layer of Vaseline around your hairline, all the way around, but don't get it on your hair. This will keep the dye from staining your skin. I've heard that conditioner works too, but the one time I tried it, it didn't work for me. Then again, I may not have used enough. Anyone else have luck with this?



Upkeep is important – the right kind of upkeep. If you're just dealing with your roots, for instance, then only color your roots. That way, the shaft of your hair won't keep getting darker and darker, and you'll have an easier time either changing color or letting the current color grow out when you get tired of it.

DIY hair dye can get messy if you don't know what you're doing, but when you take the time to do it right, it comes out looking gorgeous. What made me start doing my hair myself was the fact that, at the time, my stylist talked me out of everything. I was 20 and wanted to play with my hair with colors I knew would look good, but she wasn't down with it. By going with the DIY hair dye option, I was able to really experiment and express myself, and I've never regretted it! What do you do to make your DIY hair dye jobs look great?

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