7 Hair-Care Hints for Blondes ...


7 Hair-Care Hints for Blondes ...
7 Hair-Care Hints for Blondes ...

While it might seem a little odd, it’s important to remember that the difference between blonde, auburn and brunette hair goes a whole lot further than simply the colour. If you have lovely, golden locks, you’ll be interested to know that they differ from darker tresses in a variety of ways and so they need plenty of specially designed care and attention. By the same token, if you’ve recently altered your darker colour with a few highlights here and there, your locks will need maintenance and protection to keep them healthy. To help you to look after your gorgeous gold hair (be it natural or your own creation) I’ve done some research and put together this list of 7 hair-care hints for blondes.

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Natural Lightening

While chemical highlights are undoubtedly the most successful strategy by means of which to lighten your already blonde hair, too many of them can result in locks that are dull, damaged and over-processed. In order to keep yours shiny, soft and healthy, you might want to try a natural, summertime bleach like lemon juice. Simply squeeze a good dose over your hair and spend a little time (not too much though) in the sun: you’ll be surprised by how effective this is!



Natural blonde hair tends to be much finer than darker variations and as a result it is more prone to product build up. In order to avoid locks that are heavy, limp and lifeless, it’s a good idea to shampoo with a specially designed clarifying product at least once a week. This should help to keep your tresses light and shiny.


Combat Yellow

If you do help your colour along with a few strategically placed highlights, or you have lightened your darker hair with a whole head of dye, you may find yourself in a battle with brassy yellowness. Neutralise unwanted buttery tones with a toning product, or, alternative, wash your locks with a blue or lavender toned colour protecting shampoo.


Eliminate Green

Because blonde hair is so light, it is dramatically affected by colour changing chemicals. For example, if you find that your locks have suddenly developed an unnatural greenish tinge, the chances are good that copper in your water supply is the culprit. Eliminate the colour by rinsing your locks in a mixture of lemon juice and water: you should be golden-headed again in no time.


Deep Condition

Especially if your hair is chemically lightened, it is absolutely necessary for you to treat it on a regular basis using a deep conditioning product. Opt for a specially formulated hair mask; this should help to restore moisture and limit dehydration that might result from the process of bleaching and dying.


Swimming Pool Stress

As we’ve established, blonde hair is very sensitive to the elements, and exposure to certain chemicals can result in unwanted discolouration. Chlorine is especially difficult to deal with and can cause your hair to change colour quite dramatically. For this reason, it is always a good idea to wash your locks directly after you’ve been swimming in a chlorinated pool, and to condition in order to counterbalance dryness as well.


Don’t over-Brush

Because naturally blonde hair is very fine, it is also very susceptible to breakage. Avoid snapping strands by brushing very carefully: start at the bottoms of your hair and work your way up with gradually lengthening strokes. Take care not to over brush as well – too much attention with stiff bristles will also cause your locks to weaken.

Blonde hair needs special attention, be it natural or artificially coloured. This list of 7 Hair care tips should get you on your way to healthy, shiny locks: do you have great suggestions of your own or comment to contribute?

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