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Are you dying to know some ways to have better hair? This is something most of us want. Even girls who have absolutely beautiful hair may not be totally at peace with it. These are some ways to have better hair every day.

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Decide to Love What You’ve Got

Decide to Love What You’ve Got The first of the ways to have better hair is to decide to love what you’ve got. Most girls with naturally curly hair desperately want straight hair. Girls with straight hair would often love to have natural curls. The thing is, we can’t change our natural hair texture and type. While it is perfectly fine to straighten your hair if it’s curly or curl your hair if it’s straight, your hair will probably always do best in its natural state.


Work with It, Not against It

Work with It, Not against It That being said, it is usually best to work with your hair, not against it. My daughter has naturally curly hair that looks lovely when she embraces the curl. She can wear her hair straightened and it’s pretty that way too, but it isn’t as easy of a styling process for her. Also, it will tend to start curling after several hours. It can be better to work with your hair instead of against it. This isn’t a rule at all; just a tip that can make your hairstyling easier.


Learn about Your Hair Type

Learn about Your Hair Type It can be very helpful to learn about your hair type. For example, I have fine, straight hair and I’ve learned it doesn’t require much heat to style it. There’re many different facts about all hair textures and types. The more you know, the better equipped you are to deal with your hair. This can make styling your hair much easier.


Research Hair Products

Research Hair Products Another way to have better hair every day is to research which hair products will work best for your hair. A girl with straight hair will probably fall in love with a root boosting spray. A girl with natural curls will most likely love a curl cream. You may also find that some brands work better than others for you. Once you find a couple brands that you love, stick with them.


Resist over-styling

Resist over-styling You know when you’ve spent quite a bit of time styling your hair then you look in the mirror and decide you aren’t satisfied? Then you decide to tweak it just a bit more. If you’ve already styled your hair and spent some time on it, you’re most likely not going to like the next result. You’re at risk of over-styling. Resist the temptation to tweak it a little more and you’ll probably be happier.

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Keep Some Essentials in Your Purse

Keep Some Essentials in Your Purse It’s good to keep some hair essentials in your purse. A comb, some bobby pins, hair bands and a small bottle of hair spray make good essentials. They can be great for a mid-day touch up. They’re also great to have on hand if your hair suddenly falls or gets frizzy. Having hair essentials in your purse can save the day.


Learn Some New Techniques

Learn Some New Techniques Learning some new techniques can definitely help you to have better hair. You’ll be excited about having new styles to wear and you’ll feel confident in your ability to style your hair. There are several different ways you can learn new hair techniques. You could have a friend that is talented with hair teach you or ask your hair stylist for some tips. There are also a lot of great hair tutorials online.

Which of these tips do you think will help you the most? Do you have any hair tips to share? Your comments are always welcome!

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I have a lot of clients that have fine hair and they complain as well but try rinsing your hair and conditioning and just skip the shampoo! My clients says that it helps and it keep more moisture in your hair!

Hey great tips, could you post something about trying different styles while having tape extensions?:)

The more u wash it the more oily it will get , try to skip some washing and ur hair will adjust to it .

I have fine hair, it's so flat that nothing works on it...I need to wash it almost everyday. Just hate it!

The more I don't wash my hair, the more oily it gets. I'm with you heyy123

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