7 Tips for Coloring Your Hair at Home ...


There are so many tips for coloring your hair at home, which can make it an overwhelming prospect. Iโ€™m here to consolidate all that advice and give you only the most important information. Doing a home dye job can be tricky and you could end up with a look you absolutely hate. I remember being in tears after letting my friend give me burgundy highlights. My entire head of hair was purple and I had to suffer through it for weeks until it faded out because I couldnโ€™t afford to pay someone to fix it. To avoid having a horror story like that one, check out these tips for coloring your hair at home.

1. Follow the Directions

I know it seems sort of like a given, but the instructions in home dye kits vary, so itโ€™s pretty vital to skim the directions before getting started. In fact, if I had to give you the single best one of all the tips for coloring your hair at home, this would be it. Sit down with the insert and make sure you know exactly what youโ€™re doing before you put anything near your strands.

2. Donโ€™t Make a Drastic Change

Most experts say to stick with a shade that is only one or two darker or lighter than your current shade. If you want to go all out and get a totally different look, itโ€™s probably a better idea to see a professional. But if you just want a subtle change or are touching up gray, itโ€™s perfectly fine to do so at home. Bottom line โ€“ donโ€™t go from platinum blonde to black on your own!

3. Try the Semi-Permanent Dye

This type lasts for a couple of months and gradually rinses out. This is a great option if youโ€™re new to hair color and are just trying things out. You wonโ€™t have to worry about touching up your roots all the time and the color wonโ€™t last for too long if you decide you donโ€™t like. Read the packaging on your home dye kit to determine if itโ€™s semi-permanent or permanent.

4. Put Petroleum Jelly on Your Skin

When you apply home hair dye to your locks, some of the color can run or bleed onto your skin. Itโ€™s not easy to scrub off either. Since you probably donโ€™t want to go to work or out on the town with friends with red or brown streaks on your forehead and ears, try some petroleum jelly (also known as Vaseline). Simply spread a very thin layer along your hair line. This will help keep the dye in your hair and off your skin.

5. Soften the Sting

If you have sensitive skin, your scalp may burn or itch after a home dye job. The same is true of a salon color, but you have less control over the ingredients when you use a pre-made kit like the ones at your local drugstore. Experts swear by adding two packets of Sweet and Low and one ounce of skim milk to the color before you apply. The two ingredients wonโ€™t change the color, but will go a long way toward soothing your scalp during and after the process.

6. Use an Old Towel

The directions on your home color kit will likely tell you to drape a towel around your neck and shoulders while the dye sets. Use an old towel for this job or youโ€™re going to be sorry. The dye can run onto the fabric and you certainly donโ€™t want to ruin your best towels.

7. Apply in Sections

You donโ€™t want to miss any chunks of hair when youโ€™re applying the color so experts suggest doing the application in sections. Divide your hair into at least four sections and be sure you slather each one really well with the color. Use more sections if you have very thick hair.

Do you dye at home? Iโ€™ve tried it a few times, but I kind of like my natural color. For highlights, I like to go to my local beauty college. They do the job for a huge fraction of the price. Do you have any other tips for home hair color?