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We’ve all looked at a photo of a celebrity and wished our hair looked that good, am I right? Luckily, the experts save the day by offering loads of ideas for doing just that. Celebs do have a lot of help in terms of stylists and money to buy all the best products. You can get the same results at home without breaking the bank. Here are top tips offered by hair experts all over the globe. Here’s to good hair days every day!

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Decide What You Want

It’s easy to look through celeb styles and say you want your hair to look like that. That’s all well and good, but you’re going to need to narrow things down a bit more than that if you want to get started. Choose a style that your hair length and texture will work with or you’ll just wind up disappointed with the end result.


Think about Your Lifestyle

Celebs have people who do their hair for them, which you probably don’t. I know I don’t – I have to do my own hair every day. That being said, you don’t want a style or cut that is going to take tons of time to maintain or get looking just right every morning. No matter how fabulous a style is, don’t give in if you don’t think you can keep it up.


Add Something Surprising

Part of the reason that celebs get so much attention for their hair is that they aren’t usually afraid to try something new. Try a little something extra and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many compliments you get. How about a braid that curves from your forehead and back into a ponytail or a bow under your bun instead of on top?


Use Your Fingers

That’s what all the celeb stylists do! Instead of combing or brushing with, well, a comb or brush, use your fingers. This eliminates the risk of brush lines (almost as bad as panty lines, right?), but also helps give you just the right amount of tousle. Your hair will look stunning and you won’t even have to put in that much extra effort. Perfect, right?


Use Lightweight Products

There’s no doubt that stars are styled and set to within an inch of their life, but it never looks like it. That’s because their hair stylists choose lightweight products that don’t weigh strands down and make them look stiff or crispy. Do the same thing and you too can enjoy red carpet worthy looks that won’t be falling flat in just a few minutes.


Try a Side Part

It amazes me how much more put together my style is when I do a side part instead of a middle part or no part at all. The side part trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and it can give your hair instant glamour. Whether you pull it back into a braid or a side bun, a side part will give you instant Hollywood flair.


Use a Flat Iron

It might seem weird to use a flat iron to create waves instead of a curling iron, but that’s what the pros do. Use a hot flat iron to create loose, large waves that don’t look curly by gently twisting large sections around the plates. It’s easy and you’ll look like you’re ready for the next awards show.

What’s your best celeb hair tip? Will you try any of these fabulous suggestions?

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Invest in Velcro rollers for your waves. Not heat. Every Victoria secrets model uses Velcro rollers behind the scenes. I haven't ran a curling iron through my hair in ages. They do take more time in the morning routine though. Maybe 30 more minutes compared to heat curls

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