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Unmanagable Hair? You Might Be Applying Your Hair Products Wrong

By Lauren

With so many different hair products and brands on the market today, you be forgiven for being confused about what is actually useful and what is just false advertising. Mixed in with this is the discovery that many of us are buying these expensive products and actually minimizing their effectiveness through improper use. In order to help the health of your hair and to justify the cost, here are ten tips for using your hair products in exactly the right ways.

1 Using Too Much Moisturizing Lotion

The main problem with moisturizing lotion is that it’s easy to use too much of the product. Rather than providing a luscious, rich effect, it results in over hydrated, weighed down hair. The perfect amount of the best results is nothing larger than a pea size squeeze rubbed between your palms and applied throughout the head.

2 Not Enough Spritz

It is very common for someone to limit spritzing their hair with heat protective serum to only two or three times after a towel dry and during a blow dry, flat iron or curl. It is really important to make sure ALL sections of your hair are covered by the spritz before you apply a high degree of heat to it, EVERY TIME. This will stop it from becoming dry and brittle.


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3 Hair Spray Nozzle is to Close

Holding the nozzle of your hair spray too close to your hair after blow drying it can be really damaging. Applying such a concentrated amount of hair spray to just one spot on your head can lead to becoming crunchy and hard to deal with. The optimum distance at which to spray the product on your hair is roughly twelve inches, allowing for better coverage.

4 Applying Too Much Shine Enhancer

Many people make the mistake of applying shine enhancer to every part of their hair after a blow-dry. This is not the recommended way to use the product, with manufacturers instead encouraging you to apply the formula to the ends of your hair only; the reason being that your roots are the healthiest part of your head and already have a natural shine.

5 Applying Curl Definer Too Late

Instead of waiting until after the majority of your hair has been dried by the air to apply curl or wave definer, it is actually recommended that you apply the product to your hair as soon as you have washed it. It is the best way to achieve great curls and keep frizz to an absolute minimum.

6 Only Applying Volumizing Formula to Your Roots

Many women tend to apply root lifting creams and formulas only, unsurprisingly, to the area encompassing their roots, but in fact the best way to achieve extra volume with these products is to of course apply to the roots but also to comb through the rest of your hair to achieve more structure and body.

7 Using Conditioning Spray on the Ends Only

Because many women see their ends as being the driest part of their hair, they focus only on these when it comes to applying conditioning spray. In actual fact, lightweight conditioning spray is great for all areas of the hair, helping the hydrate it and keep overall frizz to a minimum.

8 Rubbing in Curling Cream Rather than Twisting

Instead of trying to smooth your frizzy curls by rubbing curling cream in to the top layer of your hair only, it works much better if you take a pea sized amount, rub it in to your palms and work to curl your fingers around your hair so that all areas are given an equal coverage.

9 Only Using Salt Spray on the Top Layer

To get the absolute best results from a salt spray product, it is recommended that you work it in to all sections of the hair rather than just focusing on the top layer. Use bobby pins to help you get to each layer of your hair so that you can achieve a maximum coverage.

10 Using Too Much Mousse/Gel

This is something many people are guilty of - using too much hair wax, mouse or gel to the point where the product makes your hair a rock hard, difficult to work with mess. In most situations only a quarter sized squeeze of product will be able to mould your hair in the style that you wish.

Did you find out anything you are doing wrong with your hair products?

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