Here is How to Tame That Summer Frizz ...


Whenever I think of summer and the number it can do on our hair, I think of Monica Geller’s total frizz bomb in the Friends episode where they went to Barbados. Her solution was corn roll braids complete with noisy cowrie shells and beads. Don’t fear, you really will not have to resort to looking like a hippie rejected by the 60s if you take some steps to tame the frizz.

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Reduce the Number of Times You Wash Your Hair

You remove natural oils from your hair when you shampoo. These oils play a role in preventing tangles and taming frizz. If you've been shampooing daily, stop that and only shampoo every alternate day. You need to let those oils develop to calm your hair. You can use a dry shampoo on the no poo days if needed.


Check the Label to See What Ingredients You Are Applying to Your Hair

Have a closer look at your hair care products to see if they are the reason behind your dry, dull hair. Some hair care products will have drying effects which will lead to frizzy, tangled hair. Never buy anything that contains sodium lauryl sulfate or isopropyl alcohol. These products will remove moisture from your hair and leave your scalp irritated. Opt for produces with all-natural ingredients.


When It’s Hot outside, Don’t Exacerbate the Heat on Your Hair

Flat ironing, curling, or blow-drying will all expose your hair to extreme heat that will make your hair look distressed. Don't use these devices often and always use a heat protectant to prevent breakage, damage, and fly-aways that become more prominent in humidity. Consider applying serum to your comb for a more even application.


The Way You Dry Your Hair Can Make a Difference

It's always better to pat dry your hair gently using a microfiber towel than using your regular towel drying method that often creates volume around hair's cuticles and makes them look frizzy. Using a paper towel to dry your hair is another great way of preventing frizz and fly-aways.


Moisturizing Your Hair is a Vital Step in Taming Frizz

It is important to keep your hair moisturized all the time during the summer. You can use specific products like leave-in conditions, but you can even use your daily facial moisturizer to do the trick. A dime-sized amount will do. Dab it onto your fingers and apply to your hair. Stay away from roots to avoid making them greasy.


Split Ends Will Only Make Frizz Look Worse

To avoid a frizzy look, you need to take care of those split ends. A visit to your salon once every two months will help keep things under control. In between hair appointments, you should try to treat split ends at home. Use a thinning shear to avoid choppy cuts and use a wide-tooth comb in the shower to untangle knots.


There’s a Simple Way to Reduce Static in Your Hair

To keep your locks in line and put fly-aways in place, you can always consider rubbing a dryer sheet over your hair. Be sure to move from roots to the tips of your hair to remove static build up.

So in a nutshell, how to tame summer frizz comes down to shampooing less often, using the right products, keeping your hair moisturized, using less heat to style and keeping split ends in check. Does your hair play up in the summer? What are you going to try to keep it under control?

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I only buy shampoo which is sls free. I heard alcohol can dry out your hair too

I never understand the advice about using paper towels. Those will just shred apart in wet hair.

#3 works the complete opposite for me. I use the inStyler and I don't get a pinch of frizz. If I DON'T use heat, I get frizz.

You mean corn row??????

No she's wright, corn rolls! Look it up, correct spelling.

Moroccan oil is worth every penny for curly girls!

I'll try the towel tip but i dont see what difference that will make to be honest.

Coconut oil on damp hair. Diluted with half water in a spray bottle will help calm the frizz on the mid to ends of the hair.

If you like to straighten frizzy hair but are worried about breakage try blowdrying with the 3 styler it straightens frizzy hair as the brushes bristles are great!

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