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Of course you have crazy busy days! You’ve got school, maybe work, plans with friends and dates with super hot guys. There’re days when you can invest a lot of time into your hair and days that you can’t. When you’ve only got 5 minutes for your hair, try one of these quick and easy options.

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Go for Beachy Waves

Go for Beachy Waves Beachy waves never disappoint. They’re super simple to achieve. They work best when you have wet hair but can be done even if that’s not the case. Spray in some sea salt and scrunch. If you need volume then add a bit of dry shampoo to the roots. Don’t worry if they aren’t perfect; beachy waves are a loose and casual style.


Tuck It into a Side Braid

Tuck It into a Side Braid Braids are so very in right now. You couldn’t be more on trend than you are with this 5 minute hairstyle. You can go for a traditional braid, a fishtail or a French braid. Do whatever style you love best. Another great thing about this 5 minute hairstyle is that it hides dirty hair quite well if you haven’t had time to wash.


Add a Headband for Tons of Volume

Add a Headband for Tons of Volume If you love the look of volume then this style is for you. Spray in some dry shampoo to add texture and a bit of grit to work with. Tease your hair well, especially at the crown. Smooth over the top layer of your hair while leaving the volume you’ve teased in underneath. Slide a headband back from your forehead and you’ll have a style you’re bound to love.


A French Twist is Quick and Elegant

A French Twist is Quick and Elegant This’s such a quick and easy hairstyle and it’s my go-to style when I’ve only got five minutes. I can totally do this in two minutes if necessary. Gather your hair together at the nape of your neck, twist and tuck in the ends. If you want to fancy it up a bit, add in a decorative clip or hair flower.


Go for a Half up-do

Go for a Half up-do Half up-dos are a great choice when you want to wear your hair down but you don’t have the time to style all of it. You can pull the sides back with bobby pins, clips or other hair accessories. Pull straight back, twist or add in some volume by teasing. This’s a great look for many women. It’s a soft look because it exposes the lovely curves of your neck.


Rely on the Never Fail Topknot

Rely on the Never Fail Topknot The topknot is the tighter version of the messy bun. It’s a quick way to pull your hair out of your face but still look very poised and polished. Pull your hair up as if you were going to make a ponytail and begin to twist, laying it down against your head as you go. Secure with a rubber band and bobby pins if needed. You can tie a ribbon around your topknot if you want to add an extra touch.


Pull It into a Ponytail

Pull It into a Ponytail Of course there’s the never fail ponytail. Women have been relying on the ponytail for decades when they’ve only got minutes to fix their hair. But it doesn’t have to be basic. You can hold one strand of hair out and wrap it around your rubber band to give it a more eloquent look. You can also wear a low side ponytail for a fun and playful look. There’re many variations on this hairstyle.

These’re 7 hairstyles you can wear when you only have 5 minutes. What hairstyle do you choose when you’re in a rush?

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Half up do is the easiest

Damn, another article for straight hair people. Regardless, good ideas for straightened hair.

Every night I twist my hair up in a spin pin. That way the next morning if I am running low on time my hair will be in nice waves.

@Maddz I know right, I wish my eyes were that color! So pretty!

I just wanna do the casual beachy wave. Where can I buy that sea salt spray or whatever that is. lol

The French twist?!?!?! Omg what year are we in !?!?

@RSW0731 ur totally right!

I usually go for braids.

Loved this I am going to try some of them so excited 😝

This is very helpful😍👍

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