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I love my flat iron! I have naturally curly hair that I’ve more or less embraced since I have three kids and very little time to straighten it anymore. However, I do use my flat iron to take control of my bangs and the hair right around my face. Are you considering adding a flat iron to your routine? Turns out that there are several different types to choose from. Use this info to make sure you get the right one for your hair type.

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Check the Plate Size

The plates are the part of your flat iron that heat up to straighten your hair. They come in a wide variety of sizes. Girls with thin hair can usually get away with any type of flat iron. However, if you have thick hair, you need a plate size that is 1 to 2 inches. The longer your hair, the larger the plates should be. For girls with normal or wavy hair, choose a flat iron that's ½ to 2 inches, again depending on how long your hair is.


Temperature is Something to Consider

I keep my flat iron at a 5 out of 20 because I want it to straighten my hair, not scorch it off. Since I have pretty fine hair, I need to keep my flat iron below 360 degrees. However, girls with thick hair can go up to 410 degrees without worrying. Normal to wavy hair types should look for a flat iron that is no higher than 380 degrees at its highest setting.


Check for Certain Materials when It Comes to the Plates

In general, all hair types can use the same plate materials when it comes to a good flat iron. However, there are many out there that might not fit the bill. Hair experts recommend looking for a flat iron with plates made from ceramic, titanium or tourmaline. Other materials might work OK, but they aren’t as effective or as safe as the recommended ones.


Consider Comfort before You Buy

When you straighten your hair, you want to do so in comfort, right? You don’t want your flat iron to be so awkward to use that you just quit altogether. Not only is that a waste of money, but then you don’t even have hair that you love. Test out the shelf display flat irons to find one that feels good in your hands.


Look for a Flat Iron with Adjustable Temperatures

If you need a higher temp for thick hair on the back of your head and a lower temp for the fine hair around your face, you need a flat iron that has an adjustable temperature dial. This way you can start low, then increase the heat as you need to for styling your whole head with one product.


Think about Where You’ll Be Using It

If you plan to take your flat iron on the go or you share your bathroom counter space with someone else, you may need to consider a portable or folding flat iron. If not, you can go a bit bigger without worry. Smaller, more compact flat irons are perfect for restyling at work or in your dorm room. Bigger ones take up more space but are often more efficient.


Choose a Multi-Use Product if You Switch Styles Often

If you go straight some days but like curls at times too, look for a flat iron that rotates or that has interchangeable plates. This allows you to go with the style you want to create for the day without having to have a bunch of different styling products in your bathroom.

Do you use a flat iron? What tips can you share?

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Por favor, write one about curling irons too.

I do hair, best tip I discovered heat resistant flat iron Combs, super effective especially for really curly hair... Helps u pull hair away from scalp so u can get super smooth....

GHD's - all thin and the best no matter of hair type thickness and why would you need to adjust temperature?

What straightners have interchangeable plates. Hmu is u know cause that sound super cool and useful

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