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Do These Things for Soft Manageable Hair ...

By Neecey

To get lusciously soft and silkily manageable hair you need good hair habits. To look good, and to work the way you want to style it, hair needs to be healthy. There are no miracles that will do this. Good, consistent healthy habits are the foundation and key to soft, manageable hair that will be your crowning glory.

1 Regular Trimming

Regular Trimming One of the best ways to get manageable hair is to remember to get regular trimmings from your hairdresser. It might seem like sense to not get it cut and let it grow out, but by getting a regular trim, you will be ridding your hair of the pesky dead and split ends that can stop it from becoming super soft. Not only does it keep the troublesome ends at bay, but a regular trim also encourages the hair to grow in a healthier way.

2 Moisturising Product

Moisturising Product You need to treat moisturising products as if they are your best friend! Hair that is damaged needs a lot of love and attention in order to become healthy and manageable once again, and the first place you should start is with a good quality hair moisturising product. Giving your hair that extra boost of hydration will help to protect it against the elements, and all of the natural oils in it. Products containing coconut, olive and argan oils with result in a smooth, shiny finish.


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3 Buy a Silk Pillow

Buy a Silk Pillow It might seem like a bit of an extravagant purchase, but trust me; there is nothing better for your hair at night than sleeping on a smooth silk pillow. Compared to a normal cotton pillow case, resting your hair on silk means that there will be much less knotting during the night when you are tossing and turning, which in turn will results in much less dry and brittle strands which can turn in to split ends.

4 Do Your Homework

Do Your Homework When it comes to DIY hair products, you need to make sure that you are creating creams and oils that will actually be beneficial to your hair. While you might think that certain ingredients are moisturising, that may just be sitting on top of your hair rather than penetrating, and this will only lead to unwanted and unattractive greasiness. Two things to absolutely avoid are petroleum jelly and baby oil.

5 Heat Protectant

Heat Protectant It’s a product that many people ignore, but heat protectant is vitally important when thinking about keeping healthy hair. You should be applying the product to your hair every time before you use a hot tool like a curler or a straightener. It will guard against friction and heat to keep your strands soft and manageable.

6 Don’t over Dye

Don’t over Dye One of the worst things you can do with regards to the health of your hair is to keep dying it over and over in a short space of time. Your hair needs time away from color-altering chemicals to give it time to replenish its natural health, and when the time does come, you should opt for ammonia free dyes.

7 Use the Correct Brush

Use the Correct Brush Hairbrushes are vastly different for a reason; different styles are designed for different kinds of hair. My advice is to always stay from metal brushes that are more likely to tear your strands, and look up the differences between paddle brushes and round brushes to find out which suits your hair type the best.

Be good to your hair and it will be good to you. Are you good to your hair?

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