The Best Ever Hair Care Tips for Self-Colored Hair ...


The Best Ever Hair Care Tips for Self-Colored Hair ...
The Best Ever Hair Care Tips for Self-Colored Hair ...

Although stylists will always tell you to go to a salon for coloring your hair, millions of women choose to dye at home. There are some really good home dye kits that produce great results and if you follow these tips for self-colored hair, there’s no need to spend loads of dosh at the salon.

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One of the biggest challenges on how to look after self-colored hair is that dying hair sucks out the moisture. The cuticle, or the outermost layer of the hair, suffers most when we self-color. To avoid this, be sure to use natural oils a few days before you dye your hair. This will help the hair remain strong and keep it looking shiny even after you dye it. There are several products on the market you could use, but there’s probably a fairly inexpensive one right in your kitchen - extra virgin olive oil. It’s also a great treatment for dandruff if you’re prone to an itchy and flaky scalp.


Change Your Hair Dye

Unfortunately one of the ways some hair dye works is to damage your hair so the dye can get in and stick to the hair. If you research and choose a brand that works less aggressively toward getting that hue you’re going for, your hair will look and be healthier. Choose one that works with a bond builder. If you’re moving toward a platinum blonde color, choose the longer step by step approach that causes less damage. Avoid products that contain dimethicone, which feels heavy on the scalp and tends to attract dirt, causing your hair to look less lustrous.


Trim the Tips

Yes, it might seem obvious, but sometimes hair doesn’t look its best because of the length of the hair and the frizzy ends. Give your hair a break and trim off some of that excess weight, and you will see amazing results almost immediately. The natural oils will distribute on the remaining strands, and will bring back that shine that damage from self-coloring can cause.


Avoid Damage when Detangling

Hair damaged from dying is often fuzzy and dry. Fuzzy, dry hair trends to tangle easily. Be sure to take you time working through those tangles with the proper detangling products. You can either detangle matted knots with a product designed for detangling, or you can use a relatively inexpensive kitchen product-again, it’s extra virgin olive oil. First, though, locate any problem areas by running your fingers through your hair, then apply the conditioning agent and work through the tangle.


Change Your Brush

Sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference. For example, if you switch out your brush for something that has a combination of 50% synthetic fibers and 50% boar bristles, it might actually improve your hair’s appearance. This type of brush distributes oils better and naturally softens the hair.


Use Cold Water

There are a number of studies and recommendations from professional stylists that say washing your hair with hot water does a real number on your locks. Wash and rinse your hair with cooler water so that it retains moisture and natural shine. It may flatten the hair just a touch, but the added benefit of increased health might be worth the sacrifice. The only downside, perhaps, is that cool water is not all that pleasant when you’re taking a shower.


Use the Right Hair Products

There are lots of products on the market that are formulated specifically for hair that has been dyed. Look for products that contain moisturizing agents such as argan oil. Think of the texture, length, and color of your hair to determine which products are best. Consider if you have a dry scalp or dandruff. To keep you color fresh-looking and to give a boost to the repair process, choose items that correspond closely to your hair’s current condition.

Do you color your own hair? What’s your best tip for keeping it looking fabulous?

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