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Extensions are a great way to add length and/or volume to your hair. But like so many beauty options it’s a bit of a minefield when it comes to making decisions about whether you should get them, whether they are right for you and what type you settle on. There are plenty of questions to ask yourself before getting them and here’s an overview of what you should know about hair extensions:

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There Are so Many Types

There are plenty of different types of hair extensions available these days, from sew-in, to fusion, to tape, to micro-bead and clip-on. They also vary in terms of hair type from synthetic to real human hair, which of course affects the price.


Synthetic Vs. Real

Synthetic hair is perfectly fine for anybody who might be working with a limited budget, but if you can, I would always recommend going with real hair extensions. Real hair tends to blend in better with your own hair, and synthetic extensions do not cope with the heat of a curling iron as well as real hair does. When it comes to synthetic vs. real, you get what you pay for.


How Much is Needed?

If you’re opting for semi-permanent extensions, then it’s best to consult with a professional stylist about how much hair you need to get. Of course, if you are going for a full weave then you will need to buy a lot more than if you were simply looking to get 18-inch clip-ins. The best thing to do is always ask a professional.


Buy Your Own Hair

If you’re going to a salon to have extensions put in, it’s always cheaper to save your own hair (assuming you’ve had a long to short style change) and bring it with you than to buy the hair when you get there. Salons always upcharge for their hair, so be proactive beforehand and save some money.


Start with Clip-Ins

Clip in extensions are always a smart option to try first when you are just entering in to the world of hair extensions. Wearing clip-ins gives the chance for you to test out how you feel about having extensions without having to commit to anything too permanent.



If you like what you see with the clip-ins, then the next logical step is to graduate to sew-in extensions. Sew-ins are a more secure fixture on your head and while they are more expensive, they look much more realistic when finished and allow you to try many more different hairstyles than you could with clip-ins.


Fusion Extensions

Bonded, or fusion, extensions are a great option for people who suffer from very thin hair. Rather than having to clip on to existing hair or being sewn on, this method involves 100 strand groups of hair actually being bonded to your own hair with a Keratin tip. They last for months but you have to treat them really well.


Micro-Bead Extensions

These are individual extensions that are applied using micro-bead loops. It’s kind of the same concept as feather extensions but is very expensive, requires careful upkeep and most importantly looks great and extremely natural.


Employ Somebody You Trust

Getting semi-permanent extensions of any kind can be a big commitment, so you should have them applied by a stylist who you know and really trust. Don’t try to penny pinch by going to an unknown, cheaper stylist. Stick with professionals who you know are going to give good results and you will be much happier with the outcome.

Extensions can be a great investment if you get the right ones and care for them. Have you any stories or opinions to share about your experience with extensions?

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Great article

Don't forget tape in extensions...

Well explained! I just have one question; I'd really like to know were all this hair comes from. That idea bothers me a little bit. Is it from people that are so poor that they sell there hair? Is it stolen? Is it from prisoners? I mean, it is quite weird that there is a limitless amount of hair extension while this has to grow somewhere on real people... Anyone knows?

Why would people buy real human hair when the real hair can be made into wigs for cancer patients

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