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Ways to Supersize Your Fine Hair ...

By Neecey

Even if you sport a short style you still want volume and lusciousness. This is difficult with fine hair. Fine hair can look lifeless and thin even though it is healthy and you look after it well. These are some things you can try to thicken up those tresses.

1 Layered Cut

Layered CutOne of the best ways to make fine hair look thicker is to ask your stylist to give you a layered cut. If your hair is all one length, especially if it is naturally fine, it will result in a much flatter looking style that you would want. Rather than having to contend with extra flatness, instead opt for a layered cut that will give you extra angles and extra volume, resulting in an overall fuller looking head of hair.

2 Shampoo Daily

Shampoo DailyAlthough it seems like every single beauty website advises us to wash our hair every other day rather than daily, washing every single day is something that can be beneficial for people with very fine hair. This is because any grease and natural oils that are left to set in the hair over the course of two days is going to start to weigh the fine strands down and make them look even flatter. Ridding the hair of these oils on a daily basis is the best way to keep your hair soft and textured.


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3 Dry Shampoo

Dry ShampooDry shampoo and other hair powders are great for women who have fine hair, as they collect the natural oils that are excreted and help to reverse some of the weighing down and flattening that occurs. Unlike hairspray, dry shampoo will help to put some volume back in to your hair without weighing it down unnecessarily.

4 Flip over Blowout

Flip over BlowoutA nifty trick for adding a lot of immediate volume to fine hair is to apply your favorite products to the roots of your hair and proceed to blow dry with you head upside down. Once you have finished and flipped your head back to its normal position, you will find that the products being directly on your roots and then dried upside down will have given you some much needed volume that you can then play around with and style in any way that you want.

5 Regular Trim

Regular TrimMany different experts believe that your hair starts to become flat again around 6 to 8 weeks after getting it cut, so to avoid hitting this plateau, it’s a good idea to get a regular trim instead of being one these people that complain about their hair and only go to get it cut two or three times a year!

6 Sleep on It

Sleep on ItA great way to add volume and texture to fine hair is to go to sleep with it wet and braided or in a high bun. It will dry in this way and then in the morning you will have a lot more volume to be able to play around with before you have to leave the house.

7 Thinning Hair

Thinning HairIt’s important to realize that there is a big difference between fine hair and thinning hair. If you think that your hair is actually thinning, then there are a number of different treatments that you can look in to like taking growth supplements or trying extensions that will provide you with instant volume! Extensions can also be used to bulk out thin hair.

What’s the biggest bugbear you have about your thin hair? It’s definitely worth trying these tricks.

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