7 Rules for Ladies with Hair Extensions ...


7 Rules for Ladies with Hair Extensions ...
7 Rules for Ladies with Hair Extensions ...

Hair extensions are a fabulous way to make your hair look fuller, longer or more voluminous. However, when you have them added to your mane, there are certain rules you should follow to keep them looking natural and in place. Whether you already have extensions or are considering having them put in, follow these tips and tricks from all the experts for the best looking strands on the block.

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Treat Them like Real Hair

There are a ton of rules for hair extensions, but the underlying tip from all of the experts was always to treat them like your real hair. Don’t be afraid to take care of your extensions by washing and caring for them. You might worry that this will damage them, but all it will really do is make them look unnatural and dirty. If you’re unsure about proper maintenance for extensions, talk to your stylist.


See Your Stylist Every 6 to 8 Weeks

Hair extensions, like a color treatment or perm, require maintenance to keep them looking good and to protect your real hair. If you have extensions, you need to have them maintained every six to eight weeks. You may have to have them removed and redone or simply touched up.


Never do Your Own Extensions

Even with the best video on the planet, experts strongly discourage you from putting in your own extensions. It’s hard to get them placed just right, especially in the back where it’s harder to see what you’re doing. If you want a totally natural look that blends perfectly with your real hair, it’s definitely best to make an appointment to have the extensions put in by a professional. Trust me, you won’t be sorry.


Comb and Brush Gently

When you comb or brush your extensions, be sure you do so carefully. Being too rough could alter the placement of the extensions or damage them. Use a wide toothed comb or brush, which is easier to pull through the strands and less likely to cause breakage or other damage. The better care you give your extensions, the longer they will last.


Don’t Be Afraid to Use Products

Like your real hair, extensions sometimes need product to look and feel their best. You can shampoo and condition the extensions every couple of days to keep them clean and free of tangles. Experts also say not to be afraid to use hairspray to hold the extensions in place. In fact, this helps preserve the quality of your extension as well as their life span.


Take a Break from the Extensions Now and then

Haircare experts say that you shouldn’t wear extensions all the time. Your scalp and real hair needs a break now and then to breathe. Instead of always wearing extensions, some hair stylists recommend using them for special occasions rather than something that you wear every single day. Follow the advice of your stylist to ensure that you get the most out of your extensions.


Don’t Neglect Your Real Hair

You might be tempted to ignore your real hair since the extensions kind of hide it. This is a terrible idea though. You need to keep your real hair healthy and looking great or the extensions aren’t going to do you much good.

Have you ever had extensions? What other tips can you share for making them look great all the time?

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