Basic Hair Things Every Girl Should Know How to do ...


Basic Hair Things Every Girl Should Know How to do ...
Basic Hair Things Every Girl Should Know How to do ...

How often do you find yourself being inspired by hairstyles on Instagram or Pinterest, click on the tutorial and find the “easy” instructions are not so easy after all? Tutorials – even easy ones – make assumptions that you are au fait with all terms and techniques of hair styling and hair care. This following list is pretty much what you need to know so you’re never fazed by a tutorial again.

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Shampoo and Conditioner

It sounds almost too simple to be a tip, but when shampooing and conditioning, you really do only need very small amounts of both product. Focus the shampoo on your roots and the conditioner on your ends to achieve best results.



The trick to perfect sectioning is to always use the end of a rat tail comb to keep everything even and going in one straight line, it can lead to perfecting lots of varied styles.


Straightener Curls

For girls whose hair isn’t long enough to use a full curling wand, you can take 1/2 inch sections of your hair in your straighteners and flip them 180 degrees to achieve short and effective curls.


French Braid

The real trick to achieving the perfect French braid is to start with dirty hair as it gives you much more grip! And remember to pull tight every time you incorporate more side pieces to help it stay in place.



Please, don’t try to tease all the hair at your crown in one big go! Instead, section it piece by piece so that you can always keeps control of the eventual outcome. Also, be sure to only tease around the crown otherwise you will achieve a flat top!


Different Sizes for Different Curls

Make sure that you understand that to achieve bigger, bouncier curls, you have to use a bigger barrel on your appliance; it’s not about the length of time you heat your hair for.


Fishtail Braid

The trick to this is always pulling from the outside. Start with a ponytail, split it in to two, then proceed to grab a piece of hair from the outside, pulling it across from either side in turn!


Bobby Pins

Remember this! The edges of a bobby pin are the part that provides the traction, so that must always be facing your scalp whilst the flat side faces outwards.


Messy Bun

It might be messy but there is still a technique! Pull your hair in to a pony, and then using a hair tie, flip it all up in to a bun. You can then pull and pin until it’s perfect.


Waterfall Braid

All you need to do is start with a standard braid, and once you have the beginning of it, drop the middle piece and then pick up another section which becomes the new third piece.


Pony Wrap

This is simple and effective, and can be easily achieved by wrapping a small section of your own hair around the visible tie, and then pinning underneath to secure it.


Pin Curls

Pin curls are definitely back in fashion, and can be achieved by using a small barrel tool and then quickly pinning the twist flat against your head before the curl has time to fall.


Pinning a Bun

The perfect trick for this is using four pins in four different placements. Treat the bun like a compass and go north, south, east and west!


Headband Braid

For this you need to first master the French braid technique, and then once you have that, you can secure it at the nape of your neck with clear elastic. Bobby pins might come in handy too.


The Pony Flip

This starts with a ponytail at the base of your neck, then you need to grab the hair above the elastic and pull to make two sections to make a hole in the middle, then you simply need to get the rest of the hair and thread it over through the hole!


Bangs Twist

This is very similar to a French braid, but rather than braiding, you just twist the sections together. The best way to make this look great is to make the most of bobby pins.


Hot Rollers

There are literally hundreds of different types of hot rollers, but the main tip to keep in mind is the importance of sectioning your hair. It needs to be sectioned in to three parts, top, middle and middle bottom, with the bigger rollers going on the bottom sections.


Headband up do

The trick to making these look great is to go over your hair instead of under it. You can then pin each side in perfect place and it will stay exactly where you want it.


Upside down French Braid

This one is rather complicated, but it’s totally worth it when you perfect it! It’s all about flipping your head upside down, brushing towards the floor and then starting a French braid from the nape of your neck.


Beach Waves

Beach waves are all about using the right tool, and a wand is perfect. You need to curl roughly 1-inch sections with the wand facing down. And then finger comb rather than using an actual brush.


Half Bun

The trick here is to only section the pieces of hair at your crown, being very careful where you place it. Stick to the top middle area and you should be absolutely fine.

Some of these might sound complicated but if you’re unsure just search on YouTube or Instagram (or Pinterest if you prefer) for a tutorial to guide you through the technique.

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