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6 Reasons Why Your Hair is Dry and Unmanageable ...

By Tricia

There are many reasons your hair is dry. You might not be suffering from everything on this list, but finding out what's causing your dry hair is a major step in fixing it. Dry hair doesn't look or feel healthy so it's only natural that you can't to nix the problem right now. Figuring out the reasons your hair is dry is the first step. Here are some common causes of dry hair.

1 There is No PH BALANCE

Hair needs to have a Ph Balance between 4.5 and 5.5. You will see this when the ends or scales of your hair lay flat and are not split. This eliminates frizz and "poofiness". If your hair is too acidic or to alkaline, it will cause frizz and make it harder to style. Make sure that the Ph is balanced for optimum healthy hair. If you use products on your hair, you can use Ph balance strips to see how acidic or alkaline that product is. Remember, the Ph has to be between 4.5 to 5.5. Oils do not have Ph balances, but other sprays and chemical products do. If you find out that one of the reasons your hair is dry is that you're using the wrong products, make a switch today.

2 Check Your Water

You may have mineral build up in your water that in turn can cause mineral build up in your hair. Mineral build up makes hair follicles harder and makes it difficult for your products to penetrate the hair. Put a water softener in your shower and things should start to look up soon.


If it makes bubbles when you lather, STOP USING IT! It strips your hair of its natural oils and makes it dry and frizzy.

4 Not Enough Moisture or Protein in Your Hair!

In order to combat the moisture issue, try using purified water. Use cold water, or simply get a spritz bottle and add purified water to it. Seal it in with oil and brush with gentle motions. If your hair lacks protein, it will often feel gummy, sticky, and look limp and lifeless. Eat more protein rich foods to combat the issue.

5 Being in Constant Contact with Moisture Suckers

Be aware of what your hair touches throughout the day. For example, if you wear your hair down, does it constantly touch the shoulders of your jacket? When you go to bed at night do you sleep on cotton pillows? Make sure there is a barrier of protection between your hair and what it touches. Use sealing products and baby your hair on a daily basis.

6 Trim That Hair

You would be surprised at how much dead hair you have and that can get in the way of healthy growth. Run your hand through your hair while it is wet. If the feel is consistent then you're fine. If the feel is coarse, it's time for a trim. It will also be obvious by the amount of split ends you have. Have a trim every six months or so.

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