Stop Doing These Things That Make Your Hair Greasy ...


Stop Doing These Things That Make Your Hair Greasy ...
Stop Doing These Things That Make Your Hair Greasy ...

There are lots of things that make your hair greasy. Greasiness is one of the most annoying hair issues. Depending on what type of hair you have, you can experience the onset of greasiness much quicker than others, and this can tend to be related to hair type, hair colour and other elements related to your overall health and biological makeup of your hair. However, there are also things we do that promote greasiness that can make a real difference if you stop doing them. You can start by reading through this list of things that make your hair greasy and make a goal to change your habits.

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Too Much Touching

One of the things that make your hair greasy is messing around with it all the time. It can be very tempting to touch your hair all the time, sometimes for flirting purposes, sometimes for anxiety, sometimes just out of habit and boredom! Try not to do this as much, because the more your hands go through your hair, the more oils there are that get transferred from your fingertips to your strands.



Try as best as you can to get in to a routine that only requires you to wash your hair two or three times a week. Daily shampooing only serves to strip your scalp of all its natural oils, and so it works harder to produce more to replace the oils that you keep eliminating. It might take a while to get used to, but it will be much better in the long run.


Too Much Conditioner

We all tend to do it - use much more conditioner than we are supposed to, and that’s why the bottle always runs out before the shampoo! Too much conditioner makes hair heavy, and the more you use, the more likely you are to not wash all of the product out properly.


Over Brushing

This has exactly the same effect as too much touching of your hair. The brushing motion against your scalp can stimulate oil production, and what you might initially think is a glossy finish can soon turn in to straight up greasy hair!


Dirty Hairbrush

And speaking of brushing, it’s important that you don’t let your hairbrush get too clogged up with your old hair and other dusty debris. You wouldn’t dry your body with a dirty towel, so why would you do the same with something you run through your hair every single day!?


Wrong Products

Navigating the world of hair products can be really tricky if you don’t know what all of the terms mean or exactly what hair type you have. Always look for lightweight formulas rather than ones that promise shine and moisture, because they will most likely give you an oily finish.


Product Build up

Try not to use too many styling products in your hair, because as these layers build up, the hair underneath and your scalp will start to suffer and produce more oils as a defense mechanism!

Even if your hair has the propensity to be greasy, you can make a few habit changes that will result in silky lustrous locks rather than greasy, straggly strands.

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