6 Basic Care Tips for Healthy Natural Hair ...


6 Basic Care Tips for Healthy Natural Hair ...
6 Basic Care Tips for Healthy Natural Hair ...

No matter the texture, color or style of your hair every woman wants their hair to be as healthy as possible.

In today's society of the working woman; chances are that not every woman has the time to stick to a hair care regimen. Many times in the past I've tried to follow a hair care routine, but due to the nature of my work and not having set off days I fell off the wagon many many times.

Here are six basic hair care tips you can follow to improve the quality of your hair.

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That old saying that says "dirt helps hair to grow" is NOT TRUE!!! Your hair needs to be clean to thrive.

I've found myself switching out between two types of shampoos every two weeks. First a conditioning shampoo, then in two weeks a moisturizing shampoo; switching back and forth every two weeks. Following the shampoo with a regular conditioner.

I've recently took a liking to Elasta QP products and use their Creme Conditioning Shampoo, Moisture Butter Shampoo, and Fortifying Hair Conditioning Treatment.



Applying a deep conditioning treatment to your hair once a month is a great way to ensure your hair stays strong.

A deep conditioning day is a whole day experience for me; I have to have the entire day to myself with no plans in order for me to do this.

I find it effective to use two types of conditioners. First I apply an anti-breakage deep conditioner, put on a shower cap, and do about an hour and a half of house chores (laundry for example). Then rinse and apply a moisturizing deep conditioner and while that sets I'll most likely cook something to eat.

My two most popular products for this step are SofnFree Milk Protein & Olive Oil Anti Breakage Deep Conditioning Treatment and Elasta QP Deep Penetrating Remoisturizing Conditioner.



Using both of these methods are a good way to promote growth for your hair.

Protective styles are hair styles that require you not to have any harmful contact with your hair. My most recent favorite form of protective hair style is wearing a lace front wig. Having my hair cornrowed under the wig and not having to comb it, apply heat, or mess with it daily can help with growth.

Other forms of protective hair styles include: braids, weaves, and twists.

Low manipulative hairstyles on the other hand require a bit more work. Where protective hairstyles prevent you from harming your hair completely, with low manipulative hairstyles you still may face the risk of harming your hair. But the point of these hairstyles is to have your hair fixed with as little doing as little damage as possible.

Examples of low manipulative hairstyles are doing a fresh braid, twist out, or setting your hair in rollers and these styles can last a few days. Another example can be just putting your hair up in a bun, ensuring to tuck the ends away.



Heat damage can be one of the biggest things that stunts hair growth. I learned the "joys" of using a flat iron in the 8th grade, and I've regretted it ever since.

Now I have the rule that I would only apply heat to my hair for special occasions if needed. Even after I wash my hair I opt out of using a hair dryer and let my hair air dry.

And those times when I do apply heat to my hair, be it a hair dryer, curler, or flat iron, I always use a heat protectant.



Sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and dish out the money and go to the hair salon. I can admit as much as I get into my hair care routine and as well as it's been working, there's nothing better than getting that professional hair care treatment.

Visiting the salon is something I would save for doing every two or three months.

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One of my favorite tips would definitely be not to stress about it. Just relax and go with it; you may miss a wash day or you might not have time to deep condition and that's okay.

After all, it's just hair.

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