8 Things That Can Make Your Hair Greasy ...


8 Things That Can Make Your Hair Greasy ...
8 Things That Can Make Your Hair Greasy ...

We all know that familiar, unwanted feeling. You’re feeling good and looking cute and then you run your hands through your hair only to realise that it is already getting greasy! Getting the perfect rotation for showering and keeping your hair in good condition can be really hard to achieve, and it doesn’t help that there are plenty of things that can add to the problem in everyday life! Here are some things that can make your hair greasy!

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Constant Touching

Your hands and fingers contain a lot more natural oil than you might imagine, and if you are in the habit of always reaching up to touch your hair just like our old favourite Kristen Stewart, then you run the risk of making your locks much greasier much quicker. Every time you touch your hair, you are transferring oils to it.


Daily Washing

Some people are in the cycle of shampooing their every day, and whilst it certainly keeps you squeaky clean, it can actually have a negative impact on the shelf life of non-greasy hair. Over-shampooing strips your hair of its normal, natural oils, and it is therefore encouraged to overproduce to make up the difference.


Over Conditioning

Conditioner is a tricky thing, because the more you use, the more your hair feels nice and silky right out of the shower. However, the negative side is that using too much might result in residue being left over, which will only work to weigh down your hair and leave it much greasier than it needs to be.


Over Brushing

Just the same as touching your hair with your fingers too much, over brushing can also have a greasy impact. Running those brush bristles over your scalp all the time can stimulate your follicles, which will encourage more oils to be released and your locks will obviously suffer the consequences of that.


Dirty Brush

It isn’t just the regularity of your brushing that counts, it is also the condition and cleanliness of the brush itself. Just imagine how much dirty hair has come out in that brush over the weeks since you have cleaned it. That hair is going to interact with your fresh locks and make them greasier.


Incompatible Products

Pay attention to the products that you are using in your hair. If you are naturally prone to greasiness, then you should be trying to avoid things that contain too much coconut oil, etc. You don’t need to be adding more oil to your hair if you know how that tends to turn out.


Product Buildup

If you like to use things like dry shampoo to cover the early greasiness, then you need to be careful about product build up because it can end up having the opposite effect to what you used it for. Unless you clean your hair thoroughly, the product will remain and clog your follicles.


Dirty Pillows

You lay your head down on your pillows every night, and you sweat and release oils on those pillows for hours. Make sure to change them on a regular basis otherwise they will continue to rub on your clean locks and make them prematurely greasy.

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