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Try These Twist out Hairstyles when You Want Something New ...

By Heather

Do you ever just want to try something new with your hair? You don't necessarily want to make a huge change, you just want to look fresh to death without a lot of hassle or time. Twist out styles can help you do that, not to mention the fact that they're gorgeous! I can't twist my hair because it's too fine, but I like getting inspo from twist outs so I can embrace my natural curls a little more instead of straightening my hair every single day. Even though I can't work the twist, I know plenty of you can, so this one's for you – but I think everyone can appreciate the beauty of these stunning styles!

1 A Not-so-simple Bob

A Not-so-simple Bob No, this is not a next level bob. This is an out-of-this-world bob. I wish, wish, wish I could copy this twist out!

2 The Flexi Rod Twist out

The Flexi Rod Twist out Curls for days – months, even! How luscious are those curls?

3 A Natural Twist out

A Natural Twist out Can I just also mention that in addition to loving this beautiful lady's hair, I'm dying over her makeup, too?

4 All the Shine

All the Shine There are all sorts of ways to give your twist out some luster and shine. Sometimes a little sheen is the perfect finishing touch.

5 Two Strand Twist out

Two Strand Twist out If you want thicker, fuller bodied curls, go with the two strand twist out. You know you want this look!

6 A Little Bedhead

A Little Bedhead I love her profusion of curls. There's a little bit of a tousle, just enough to give her hair even more oomph.

7 A Simple but Stunning Twist out

A Simple but Stunning Twist out Want some shape and dimension? This is a simple but always stunning way to get it.

8 Twist out Your Bangs

Twist out Your Bangs Because why not? Seriously, why not? This is so pretty!

9 Twisted and Tight

Twisted and Tight You can also go for a tighter twist. Give your cute coils a kind of pixie twist, you know?

10 Flat Twist out

Flat Twist out I am all about this. I really love her hair color, too.

11 Braid out

Braid out If you want a vintage-inspired look, a braid out hairstyle is an excellent way to get it. I'm in love!

12 Perfectly Arranged

Perfectly Arranged Seriously, everything about this is perfect. The entire style is absolutely on-trend right now, especially with the close sides and full top.

13 A Formal 'do

A Formal 'do You can get some fab formal looks with a twist out, too. This is just one way, with looser curls and the perfect accessory!

14 Another Two Strand Twist out

Another Two Strand Twist out Here's another great example of the two strand technique. Don't you love it?

15 Twist out Updo

Twist out Updo And when you need an updo, that's totally doable, too. This is so stunning and intricate!

16 Soft Curls

Soft Curls Soft, loose curls look lovely, too. I love the length here, I think it suits her gorgeous face.

17 Cute Coils

Cute Coils I love everything about this look, from her luscious locks to her show-stopping smile!

What's your favorite twist out style?

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