8 Speedy Hairstyles for Mornings You're Running Late ...


8 Speedy Hairstyles for Mornings You're Running Late ...
8 Speedy Hairstyles for Mornings You're Running Late ...

Tend to hit the snooze button in the mornings with no time left to do your hair? Try these quick and easy hairstyles to solve the problem every time! Which is your favourite and have you tried any of these yet?

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Neat High Bun

Neat High Bun For this look, tie your hair in a simple, high ponytail and grab a hair doughnut in your chosen size. Push your pony through the hole in the doughnut until it sits near the top of your head, and use your other hand to wrap your hair round the circular shape until the doughnut is completely covered and not visible anymore. Clip the wrapped around hair in place at the base of the bun with bobby pins and you're good to go!


Folded Low Bun

Folded Low Bun For this look, simply make a low bun near the nape of your neck and secure with an elastic hair tie. Next, pull the loose ends at the bottom of the bun (sticking out of the bun on the underside) upwards and wrap around the hair tie until it's completely covered and isn't visible anymore. Secure with a few bobby pins that stay hidden on the underside to maintain the illusion that there's no hair tie!


Loose Side Ponytail

Loose Side Ponytail For this look, lightly push your hair to give it that gorgeous dishevelled look and loosely make a low ponytail on either side. Push it so it sits in front of your shoulders on the side. Don't forget to leave a couple of tendrils around your face!


Slick High Pony

Slick High Pony For this look, brush your hair thoroughly and take your time straightening it until there are no bumps or waves. Tilt your head back, so all your hair is behind your shoulders, and gather it wholly with an elastic hair tie. Use your hands to inch the ponytail higher until it sits near the top of your head. Secure with the hair tie and you're all done!


Effortless Side Plait

Effortless Side Plait For this look, make a 'fisherman's plait' and remember to use a relaxed hand. This is because it should sit quite loosely once you're finished. Toss it to one side and you're good to go!


Pretty Crown Braid

Pretty Crown Braid For this look, braid one side of your hair (the front part) and once you're finished, flip it across the crown of your head and secure it with a few bobby pins. It's a good idea to position the pins on the underside of your hair so that you can't see where the braid ends...for a touch of mystery!


Simple Half Bun

Simple Half Bun Brush your hair and use your hands to gather half of it (or there abouts). Now you're going to lift it higher towards the top of your head and secure tightly with an elastic hair tie!


Carelessly Tousled

Carelessly Tousled For this look, simply use your fingers to 'fluff' up your hair a little. Another tip is to run a hand through the front part (up the middle) so that the hair almost flips backwards - perfect for a tousled look!

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#3 and #6 the best

Love it!

for some reason 2 times comments :(


Another hairstyle can be those with naturally really curly hair like me can wake up and either leave the hair down and curl it some more in spots it may need it with conditioner or pin the from bang pieces back

#6 isn't explained correctly.

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